Thanksgiving By the Numbers

Do you bake your Thanksgiving pie or do you buy it from the store? How big was your Thanksgiving bird? Is cranberry sauce a must at your dinner table? These little details are what make the Thanksgiving holiday so special – the traditions, the meal. Imagine a Thanksgiving without Aunt Patty’s stuffing, or that classic end-of-meal pumpkin nog. Around the world and around the nation, these traditions differ, but one thing is certain: we should all be grateful for what […]

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A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving

If the thought of cooking for your family and friends this Thanksgiving is stressing you out, imagine cooking for a family of judgmental hamsters! Okay, maybe this adorable little rodent family isn’t as harsh as your aunt Patty or as drunk as your drunk uncle, but they’re still a tough crowd to please. Happy Tuesday and an early Happy Holidays! We’ll see you at dinner.  

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MB salsa

America’s Favorite Appliance Just Got Smaller!

They say size doesn’t matter, but when you’re looking for a good time, you need to make each move count… Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Now, the thing you need comes in a smaller, more compact size. We’re talking about the all new Magic Bullet Mini! With the Mini, you can enjoy your favorite drinks, meals and snacks wherever the day (or night) may take you! So, whether you’re heading out of town with your significant other or just to […]

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This strawberry cucumber smoothie was made from leftover fruit I had in a fruit-infused water pitcher. Have you tried that before? Adding fresh fruit to a pitcher of water and letting it infuse for 4 hours really does make the water taste delicious! It will last a few days, but then you will need to remove the fruit and it is usually soggy; it’s perfectly good to eat, but not the most appetizing. I don’t like to waste food, so […]

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It’s still cold out and this weather definitely makes me crave comfort food. But doesn’t “comfort food” too often mean greasy food? I like greasy food as much as the next guy, but I don’t necessarily find food comforting just because it’s greasy. This coconut lentil stew, on the other hand, is comforting, and extremely easy to make, and also vegan, so that’s good if you’re a vegan who wants comfort food, or really anyone who wants comfort food since […]

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With holidays around every corner, it’s always a great time to capitalize on champagne-themed or flavored dishes. And considering 95 percent of us have made resolutions to be healthier, why not try this champagne vinaigrette dressing on a healthy salad? While we’re still eating them, of course. Champagne Vinaigrette  Ingredients 1/4 cup champagne vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil 3/4 shallot 1 Tbsp dijon mustard 1 tsp. salt pepper Directions Combine champagne vinegar and olive oil. Slightly chop shallot. Add vinegar, […]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Keep it lean and green this holiday with this healthy smoothie from! Add some all natural, whole food goodness for a kick of protein and fiber for the ultimate in digestive restoration. Cheers! Lucky Shamrock Blast Ingredients 1 cup kale 1 ripe, frozen banana 5 leaves mint 1/2 pear 1 dash vanilla 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 1 Tbsp Superfood Protein Boost 1/2 cup coconut milk almond milk to MAX line Directions Add all ingredients to your […]

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This low-fat cheesecake dip is a great party appetizer or addition to the dessert spread. It is made of light cream cheese, sugar, milk (to create more of a dip consistency), lemon, vanilla and graham cracker crumbs. It tastes just like cheesecake, but as a dip! Try it with graham crackers and fresh fruit, like strawberries or raspberries. I like to use this dip as an alternative for a heavy baked cheesecake when I (or my guests) are more in the mood […]

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I’ve had Mexican food on the mind lately after a few recent trips to Mexico. One of the things I love about Mexico City in particular is the ubiquity of at least two types of hot sauces – one green, one red — on the tables of each and every restaurant and even taco stand there. The sauces vary from place to place and this is my attempt to recreate one the best I had: a chipotle sauce that is […]

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