Breakfast Smoothie (Bowl)

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So I’ve mentioned how much I like smoothies for breakfast. But generally, a smoothie alone just doesn’t quite cut it. Sure, it makes a nice dent, but it isn’t going to be enough to keep you full until lunch. This is where the genius of the bowl comes in.

You’ve seen them. C’mon now, don’t be shy. You’ve walked past the hippe “health bar” where the guy with dreds flashes you a peace sign as he digs in to something purple and drippy and covered in fruit. You think, “Man, that looks good.” So you’ve even gone in. You’ve looked at the menu. You know it’s covered in organic granola, bananas and, wait.. bee pollen? Then you’ve seen the price tag. “Eleven dollars?!? For a bowl of smoothie?!” And you’ve walked away. Or maybe you’ve forked out the cash and you didn’t exactly regret it because yeah, it was downright tasty, but you’ve certainly mentally scolded yourself for spending so much on something that melts.

Okay, so maybe that’s just me. But anyway, for those of you who are confused by my ramblings, here’s the idea: Make a super thick smoothie, cover it in your favorite granola, tons of fresh fruit, top it with honey, and dig in with a spoon. You’ve got yourself a little piece of heaven. For much less than eleven dollars a bowl, I might add. Even if for some reason you buy bee pollen and sprinkle-sprankle. Or go out and sneak the little balls off the bee’s knee’s yourself. Either way. Go make one.


Smoothie Bowl


  • frozen fruit of choice
  • some scoops of vanilla yogurt
  • milk (if you are lactose or not into milk for some reason, use soy or almond or rice milk instead of juice. the “milk-like-products” are what make it thicker than with juice)
  • granola, fresh fruit, and honey for topping


  1. Blend together the frozen fruit, yogurt and milk.
  2. Scoop into a bowl much bigger than you think you’ll need.
  3. Top with granola, lots of fresh fruit and drizzle with honey.
  4. Scoop with a spoon into your mouth and be so happy for the whole day. Eat and Enjoy!