Seriously, who needs a margarita machine? Or how about a hot dog maker? Because we can’t figure out how to use a grill…With the Magic Bullet, we can make margaritas in less than 10 seconds AND take less than 10 seconds to clean up. And that’s something that will never put us on this list. Find out more kitchen gadgets that no one needs here, including a quesadilla maker and a banana slicer.



Raichlan shows students how to cook T-Bone steaks over coals - something anyone can do in their backyard. From

Graduation season is upon us, but after reading this article, grads might be a little disappointed in their choice of university.

Three days, thirty dishes, a grilling master, and well-over $100,000 worth of top-of-the-line grilling machinery – Welcome, students, to BBQ University.

If you love food, grilling, eating, cooking, or are simply looking for three life-changing days of your life, then enroll today. Headed by the renowned Steven Raichlen, (read his qualifications) Raichlen focuses on teaching his students technique over recipes, making for an incredibly insightful lifetime of BBQ cooking.

Forbes contributor Larry Olmsted gives his opinion on the experience here, and frankly, we’re anxious to sign up.

Read more on BBQ University.



In a huge move for the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States, the Walt Disney Company partnered with the White House to announce a new ban on junk food advertisements on all of its kid-friendly channels, web sites and radio stations.

The ban targets food with high levels of calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar.

Disney also said they will be implementing a “Mickey Check,” or a Mickey Mouse logo, on all food items that meet their updated nutritional standards.

It’s a controversial move; on one hand, Disney is being applauded for putting an end to manipulative advertising aimed at children, but on the other hand, many think this is just another marketing move on Disney’s part and feel that the government has no place in curbing networks’ freedom of speech.

Read the rest of the story here. What do you think? Is Disney on the right track, or are they overstepping their bounds in trying to take on childhood obesity?

The Magic Bullet gets vetted by the CTV News “Worth The Buy” segment.






Tacos delivered to your door by a robotic helicopter?  Sign me up:


Can Food Be Funny?

Do we really want to laugh when dealing with food? Marene Gustin of Culture Map Houston explores comedy & food in her article.


Here at the Magic Bullet, we like to think we were the first ones to revolutionize your life. Of course, there are a few things more inventive than we are, like Thomas Edison’s light bulb and that round thing called a wheel. Imagine our surprise when recent paleontologists discovered the ancient tradition of making smoothies. Puts Jamba Juice practically out of business (except for their free cheeseburgers and boosts – we’ll pay for anything free).

Check out the NewScientist article about Mick Hastie‘s super-great grandparents. We’ll admit, it’s a little drryyy, so make sure to whip up something in your Magic Bullet beforehand. Read it here, or check the SparkNotes versions below:

Ancestors may have used bone tools to make smoothies

(i.e. Science is cool! Please read me) written by Ewen Callway (a British scientist/headliner who has a Twitter)

  1. Anthropologists think that bones belonging to large mammals may have been used to make fruit smoothies.
  2. They’re not really sure, they’re just guessing, but new scanner technology makes them pretty sure about one thing:
  3. Ancient peeps did use the tools to dig up termites and eat them.
  4. Termites have more protein per grams than steak.
  5. There is a spelling mistake in the article, and if you find it, you rock (or bone)!

We here at Magic Bullet HQ do not recommend sticking termites in your smoothie.


Can’t say that I have much interest in any of these items.  Where’s the Spanakopita?  (from



They do love their soda in China, but some of these examples feel like they would service a very small demographic…




It seems that a woman in Nebraska is trying to cash-in on her discovery of a Chicken McNugget that resembles our first president…


The McNugget in Question