Los Angeles Times writer Jenn Harris shared her top 5 Superbowl food ads in this article and we love her picks! Check out her top 5 and our top 3. Which Superbowl commercial was your favorite?

1. We’re not Taco Bell fans, but this commercial was hilarious and the Spanish version of Fun.’s We Are Young was as Americanized as Taco Bell’s food… But we chuckled, to say the least!

2. Beer isn’t food. We know that. But this commercial is as cheesy as it is heartfelt and cheese is definitely food. Some people even shed tears as they watched – not us, but some people. Ahem.

3. M&M’s. Naya Rivera. Need we say more?


A lot of people can’t start their day without their morning cup of Joe – are you one of those people? Ever wonder what it is about caffeine that keeps you awake and functioning? Or why you feel terrible without it? Read these fun facts about caffeine and let us know: how many cups of coffee or tea do you have each day?


Fresh Guacamole

We saw this video a while back, but thought we’d introduce you to the amazing PES, short film and now Academy Award nominated director and YouTube star. This short came out nearly a year ago, but was just nominated for an Oscar. We’ll be rooting you for you, Pes! Here’s the Oscar-nominated short.

And in case you weren’t familiar with his earlier work, here’s Fresh Guacamole’s precursor: Western Spaghetti.


Food Revolution

Not everyone has the time to prepare all their meals from scratch, but Jamie Oliver, chef and creator of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, is helping teach students the importance of knowing what’s in their food – the first step in combating childhood obesity.


Drive-Thru Prank

Epic fast-food drive thru prank silliness. Watch as magician and prankster Rahat wears a car seat costume – yes, a car seat costume – and scares a few fast food drive thru window attendants.


The Popinator

Can eating popcorn be any more fun?

The answer is yes. Yes, it can.

We almost feel guilty loving this machine – it’s pointless; it makes eating popcorn more difficult, and chances are you’re going to end up with popcorn all over the floor and bed around you and with very little in your mouth. But, come on. It’s worth it, right?

What do you think? Would you buy a Popinator?

Try saying that 3 times fast. No, seriously. It’s a bit of a tongue-twister, and no one knows it better than these two regulars at Dysart’s Restaurant in Maine.

Baked in a buttery, flaky crust…


Sorry, but we love ugly Christmas sweaters. The itchy fabric, the blinding colors, the 3-D plush additions reminiscent of our childhood pop-up books, we love it all. And now we have this song to listen to while we wear them. Happy Holidays!

Do you love the smell of fresh-baked pizza dough, the tangy tomato and basil sauce that coats the golden bread, the melted cheese so stringy it can stretch farther than your hand can reach, and the mix of meat and veggie toppings that make your mouth water?

Everyone loves that smell, and now you can spray it on yourself just as you head out the door.

Yup. That’s right. Pizza Hut Perfume. Just when you thought you couldn’t keep the ladies off of you.

What started as a joke on the Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page became reality after thousands of people commented saying they’d love to purchase Pizza Hut the Fragrance. Some marketing magic later, and you’ve this very real fragrance going out to 100 people.

Would you wear, even buy, this smell? Sure, pizza smells delicious… but really?

When’s the last time you watched the Original Magic Bullet infomercial?