If you haven’t adequately traded your Halloween candy yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

No, but seriously, what are you waiting for? Candy trading must begin immediately when you and/or your kids get home from Trick-or-Treating. Even if your kids do the dirty work, we all know who the candy is really for! So get to it! Here’s a handy candy trading guide for your convenience.


Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! We hope you’re ready to stuff your bellies with chocolatey goodness on this ghoulish night!

Candy corn? Snickers? Gummy bears? What are your favorite Halloween treats?

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Have you ever watched America’s Test Kitchen? It’s a fascinating show; it combines the mouth-watering recipes and videos of delicious food that you’d see on a Food Network cooking show with all the science of a PBS NOVA special. They’ve got nerds in the kitchen – and we mean that with no disrespect! – and it makes for some of the best cooking around. As the test cooks do their thing in the kitchen, they answer questions like, how does gelatin work? Should you salt eggs before or after cooking? And why does white meat cook faster than dark meat?

Trial and error, years of knowledge, and technological developments combine to make this show not only entertaining, but educational, as well.

The show’s host, Chris Kimball, divulged more cooking secrets to NPR’s food blog The Salt, straight from the book ‘The Science of Good Cooking,’ written by the editors of America’s Test Kitchen.

One tip: Marinating meat doesn’t tenderize it, he says, but salting it does.

“Salt gets in [to the meat], it allows the protein molecules to absorb water,” Kimball said. “It loosens up the protein fibers so it retains that water and it’s easier to chew.”

Marinades, Kimball notes, do not tenderize meat, but instead turn it to mush because of the acid levels they contain.

And did you know that the seeds of a tomato contain 3 times more flavor compounds than the flesh of a tomato? So if a recipe calls for removing the seeds for smoother consistency, you might be sacrificing flavor.

Check out this post from The Salt and take a listen to the story. You might learn something that will come in handy next time you’re in the kitchen.


You know those days when you’re in the mood for something light (like, say, a warm soup) but you’re also hungry and need something filling (like maybe a sandwich)? Well, why not pair the two together? After all, nothing’s better than a bowl of tomato soup and a side of grilled cheese. And lucky for you, we found the perfect pairing guide!

So what goes best with Potato and Bacon soup? Try a veggie roll-up. The soup is heavy, so a light and fresh sandwich-side is the perfect match. What about the classic chicken noodle? Pair it with a delicious BLT, or try a more modern twist with bacon and edamame wraps.

With beautiful pictures and delicious recipes, be sure to click here to find out what pairs best with your favorite soup. We’ll see you at lunch!


Forty-three billion pounds of food in grocery stores are thrown away every year. Forty percent of the food we produce goes uneaten. Grocery stores lose out on about $15 billion per year on unsold produce alone.

These numbers are shocking, but more shocking are the results one grocery store chain in the Mid-Atlantic saw after noticing less than exciting customer survey results.

Stop & Shop/Giant-Landover customers weren’t happy. Produce was over-abundant in stores, but none of it tasted fresh. The then-CEO changed store displays in over 500 locations, putting out less produce that would be purchased more quickly before going bad, and went all the way up the supply chain, ordering less cases of foods that didn’t sell well in order to reduce waste. Customers noticed the improvements in taste and quality, and satisfaction increased. Not only that, but this saved the chain $100 million a year, savings that were then passed down to consumers.

Amazing results, right?

Hopefully, similar changes can be made in stores across the country, but until then, do your part by reducing food waste in your home! Ripe bananas go great in your Magic Bullet smoothies, tomatoes that are just a bit passed their prime can be roasted and used in soups and bisques, and blemished vegetables can be chopped up to use in salads or baked dishes. Incorporate food-saving techniques in your kitchen and watch the savings add up!

Read more on the story here.

We’re still excited about our latest product, the NutriBullet, and it seems we’re not the only ones! Everyone’s jumping on the health bandwagon and if you’re not on it yet, come and join us! Check out the NutriBullet here.

The NutriBullet, which makes incredible 50% veggie, 50% fruit NutriBlasts, has a larger capacity, over twice the power and a completely different blade design than the Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet is specifically designed to pulverize and emulsify foods including fruit skins, seeds, stems, vegetables, nuts and tough root vegetables (like ginger and beets), while retaining all of the fiber and nutrients. NutriBullet also just introduced an entirely new line of organic superfoods, including cacao nibs, chia seeds, maca powder, and goji berries. You can get those here.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page, where nutritionist Krista Haynes answers all your health questions.

We couldn’t be any prouder and urge you to try the NutriBullet, if you haven’t already. Your health depends on it!

Would you give someone a place to stay for 6 packages of bacon? Would you get a bacon tattoo for 200 packages of bacon?

It sounds pretty outrageous, but there are people willing to barter their goods, their time, yes, even their skin, in exchange for bacon. Josh Sankey was given 3,000 lbs of bacon and told to barter his way from New York City to Los Angeles. People are trading everything from food to a place to stay, all for bacon. Check out Sankey’s challenge in the video below.

What would you trade for, say, a Magic Bullet or two?

The UK national academy of science compiled a list of the 20 most significant inventions in culinary history, and, for whatever reason, the Magic Bullet didn’t make the cut. But we’ll share their results anyway!

So what was the most significant invention in the history of food and drink? The oven or the toaster? The pot or the spork?

Not surprisingly, it was refrigeration. Refrigeration has helped people since the mid-18th century to not only store food, but keep it fresh, preventing meat, poultry, dairy, and basically everything we consume, from going bad. Crop rotation and grinding/milling grains (to make flour, which makes bread) were also on the list, along with others like canning and baking.

Click here to see the rest of the list. What would be on your top culinary inventions list?

Canned and dried fruit? Rice cakes?

We all know that potato chips and cans of sugary soft drinks are terrible for your body, but a new article on Huffington Post’s health blog Healthy Living argues that even rice cakes and granola bars are bad snacks. Sure, chocolatey and peanut-buttery sugar-ladden granola bars might not be great for your health, but what about the healthier granola bar alternatives that are high in fiber, healthy grains, and protein? Read the article, go through the slideshow, and tell us what you think. Are you going to stop eating fat-free yogurt because it was deemed one of the worst snacks for your body?

Read the full article here.

We here at the Magic Bullet LOVE to hear about all the marathons our fans have run in (especially if they have one of our ING New York City Marathon Magic Bullets…), but we understand that not everyone does. So when we read this article by The Onion, we couldn’t help but share!

We’ve all been there. Maybe we’ve even been the ones going on and on. Arbitrary-sounding finish times, cliche phrases, “I never thought I could do it, but I did,” even segues about juice cleanses and carbo-loading. And the poor guy who has to sit through it! You know they’ve never run anything like it and probably couldn’t care less.

So don’t annoy your non-runner friends with stories about your best time or how you thought you might quit halfway through and then didn’t – tell us! And read this for a great laugh before you start today’s training…