Terrific Tuesdays –

‘Four score and seven years ago’, I received an excited call from my mother, Debbie ‘The Demolisher’ DeMaio about my go-to kitchen tool, The Magic Bullet Blender having a competition to be the first ever ‘Magic Bullet Blender Kitchen Magician’. I made the video, entered, got flown to LA as part of the top 3, and somehow won the title. It was an awesome, and an amazing experience – and yes, the Magic Bullet Blender room where we took pictures is so real and legit.

Long story short, in my initial entry video I made a joke about how I ‘sweat garlic from my pores’.

Well folks, it is not a joke….. Which may be why I only get Italian men… ?

Below find a recipe for one of my entertaining night go-tos – ROASTED GARLIC DIP.

This stuff is great – not only perfect as a dip, but also a great addition on sandwiches.

Buy some gum, mints, mouth wash – roast that garlic and get your groove on.


  • [1] Magic Bullet Blender Tall Cup
  • [1] Magic Bullet Blender Cross Blade


  • [3] heads garlic, unpeeled
  • [3] tablespoon olive oil
  • [1/2 Cup] sour cream
  • [1/4 Cup] mayonnaise
  • [2] green onions, chopped
  • [1 Tablespoon] balsamic vinegar
  • [1/2 teaspoon] sea salt
  • [3/4 Tablespoon] fresh ground black pepper


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

– Trim off the top of each of the heads of garlic so that all cloves are exposed.

– Place heads of garlic into a piece of aluminum foil, cover with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil each, wrap each garlic head with foil.

– Place each of the heads of garlic on to a cookie sheet and bake for about 45 minutes until heads of garlic are tender.

– Let garlic cool for about an hour, then gently squeeze and add to tall cup, along with mayonnaise, salt, pepper and vinegar.

– Blend for 5 seconds with cross blade, give it a good shake, blend for additional 5 seconds, add to a bowl.

– Add scallions, sour cream, and mix until combined.

– Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours and DIVE IN.

Pair it up with crackers, chips, toasted italian bread, pita chips [ check out my recipe from the ‘Greek Bruschetta’ video I did a month ago ], a roast beef sandwich perhaps??? …  – whatever you like!

Alrighty my little garlic gorillas – if you have an eHarmony date tomorrow, don’t try it yet. Wait til after. Trust me.

And on that note – get after it and go crazy.

In the meantime, Happy Blending my little Bullet Babies – from my big heart in Boston, to Yours.

xo – Lauren


Happy Monday everyone!

As I write this I’m still trying to wipe the sleep from my tired eyes.


Why are Mondays so hard? Why can’t we start the day on Tuesday?



So, it’s almost impossible to walk down the street in The Big Apple without finding a delicious bagel spot. I could probably make a Google Map just pinpointing my favorites, but then you would all know my secret spots and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them anymore! SO THEY’RE MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!


BUT, something I WILL share with you is my new Magic Bullet obsession: whipped cream cheese shmears!


I’ve been working with all sorts of spreads and condiments, as you know, and I remember when I first got my Magic Bullet, reading about how I could make some of these specialty bagel spreads. So today I tried to make one of my own, and I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! Have a look!


Sun-dried Tomato and Scallion Cream Cheese



  • 5oz. regular cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 4-5 sun dried tomatoes
  • 2 scallions, roughly chopped


1. Place the cream cheese in the small Bullet cup first, followed by the other ingredients.

2. Blend for about 10-15 seconds.

3. Spread on your favorite kind of bagel.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Pair with a cup of strong morning joe, and you are READY for the week!!


All the best, folks!




Hello my little Lovebugs!


Lauren from Boston – your Magic Bullet Blender Kitchen Magician – sitting. waiting. wishing. hoping…. that you say YES.


As promised per the video, below you will find the detailed ingredient lists and instructions for the following items – Spicy Orange Chicken, Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin and Sirloin Steak with an Asian Inspired Marinade.


Few quick items before I let you go –

– The chicken marinade is also great with pork.

– The pork marinade is also great with chicken and fish.

– I gave you another recipe under the pork ‘Lauren Loves:’ section below. And it’s a goodie.

– The steak marinade is my go to when marinating beef. Fantastic with london broil, flat iron, flank, steak tips, any cut – so go with what you like.

– Make sure you seal those bags GOOD before you put them into the fridge. I don’t want you to be cursing my name while you are disinfecting the shelves and throwing out the produce that got pork juice on it.

– As far as fridge marinating time – minimum of two hours, maximum of overnight – but as you would guess, the longer the time – the more flavor can get into those meats.


– Again, if someone is around and can flip the bag half way through the marination sensation – great. If not, NO biggie – just make sure your meat is covered well once it is set in the fridge.


Now if you have already had a chance to watch the video, I’d really like you to think hard before answering me. I know, I know, it’s emotional for me too. But please do not feel rushed – you can’t put a timestamp on love.


For now, focus on the recipes. We can chat soon.


Happiest Blending – from my big heart in Boston – to all of Yours.

xo Lauren




Magic Bullet Blender Parts:

[1] Magic Bullet Blender tall cup

[1] Magic Bullet Blender cross blade



[3-4] boneless chicken breasts, rinsed



[1/2 Cup] low sodium soy sauce

[1/2 Cup] orange juice

[1/3 Cup] honey

[1Tablespoon] fresh lime juice

[2] cubes of fresh ginger – about 1 cm squared

[3] cloves of garlic, halved

[1/2] small shallot, roughly chopped

[1 Tablespoon] crushed red pepper flakes

[2 Tablespoons] sesame oil

[2 Tablespoons] rice wine vinegar



– To your gallon zip lock bag, add chicken

– Add all ingredients to your tall cup

– Blend with cross blade for 10 seconds until smooth

– Add contents of tall cup to bag, SEAL BAG, put into fridge for minimum of two hours, maximum of overnight

– Bake or grill until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear


– Preheat oven to 400 degrees

– Bake about 40 minutes


– On medium-high for approximately 10-15 minutes per side

– You are golden. Enjoy.


**Lauren Loves:

– With brown rice, steamed veggies.

– Or sometimes I will reserve some of the marinade and toss it into a pan with some veggies and saute those babies.

– Slice up your chicken into smaller strips before adding to zip lock. Marinate pre sliced. Use as the chicken in your stir fry. It works, trust me.




Magic Bullet Blender Parts:

[1] Magic Bullet Blender tall cup

[1] Magic Bullet Blender cross blade




[1] pork tenderloin

[3/4 Cup] lemon juice

[1/2 Cup] olive oil

[1 1/2 Tablespoons] fresh rosemary

[1 1/2 Tablespoons] fresh thyme

[1 1/2 Tablespoons] fresh parsley

[1/2] white onion, roughly chopped

[1/2] lemon peel

[3] large garlic cloves, halved

[2 teaspoons] spicy mustard

[1 teaspoon] sea salt

[1 teaspoon] fresh ground black pepper



– To your gallon zip lock bag, add pork tenderloin

– Add all ingredients to your tall cup

– Blend with cross blade for 10 seconds until smooth

– Add contents of tall cup to bag, SEAL BAG, put into fridge for minimum of two hours, maximum of overnight

– Bake or grill until pork is no longer pink in the center


– Preheat oven to 350 degrees

– Bake about 40 minutes


– On medium heat for approximately 30-40 minutes

– Let meat rest for about 10 minutes before slicing

– Done!


**Lauren Loves:

– Next day, sandwich: this was one of the FAVORITES of my ex and his bro when we all shacked up together. I know, even the cleaning lady was confused, but it was a blast and they have well versed taste buds.





[1] piece of focaccia bread

** Italian, flat-ish oven baked bread. Typically topped with herbs, vegetables – tons of different kinds, no specific one for this – you pick!

You can usually find it in the bakery section of the grocery store but if not go ahead and use a standard loaf of Italian bread. Just remove some of the ‘flesh’ of it

[3/4 Cup] mayonnaise

[1/2 Cup] arugula

[3] cloves of garlic, minced

[1 Tablespoon] balsamic vinegar

[2 teaspoons] Dijon style mustard

[2 teaspoons] fresh rosemary, finely chopped

Salt and pepper for seasoning



– Slice focaccia bread across the middle to create your sandwich top and bottom

– Toss the bread into the oven on a cookie sheet for a few minutes just to toast it up a tiny bit – nothing crazy or charring

– To a bowl add mayonnaise, garlic, balsamic vinegar, mustard, rosemary

– Whisk ingredients until combined

– Season with salt and pepper

– Now here is your assembly order: Focaccia. Aioli. Pork. Aioli. Arugula. Aioli. Focaccia.

– Mangia





Magic Bullet Blender Parts:

[1] Magic Bullet Blender tall cup

[1] Magic Bullet Blender cross blade



[1-2] sirloin steak (or whatever cut you prefer!)

[1/2 Cup] olive oil

[1/2 Cup] fresh lemon juice

[1/4 Cup] soy sauce

[1/4 Cup] Worcestershire sauce

[3 Tablespoons] Dijon style mustard

[1 teaspoon] garlic powder

[1] cube of fresh ginger (approx. 1 cm squared)



– To your gallon zip lock bag, add steak

– Add all ingredients to your tall cup

– Blend with cross blade for 10 seconds until smooth

– Add contents of tall cup to bag, SEAL BAG, put into fridge for minimum of two hours, maximum of overnight

– Bake or grill to your desired temperature

– Wasn’t that really easy?





**Lauren Loves:

– Next day, slice it up and put it over a salad

– Pre-slice steak thin before marinating, and use this as the steak for your stir fry







Howdy-doo, ladies and gents!


Happy Friday! You know what that means…


Only a few more hours of work, 48+ hours of freedom on the horizon, date night, and yet another recipe from your loyal swingin’ single city gal.


Wait…back up…date night?


You mean we’re in danger of losing the single city gal to a *gulp* man???


Calm down, you know I’d never abandon you, besides, we’re just casually getting together and making dinner…IN THE MAGIC BULLET OF COURSE!!


Alright y’all, today, in honor of the weekend, I’m going to introduce you to my Arugula P(r)esto! Perfect for a dinner for two, or even for the singles who want to cook for the week in advance. Here we go!



  • 2 cups packed arugula leaves
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts (or walnuts)
  • 1/2 cup fresh shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives
  • salt and pepper to taste



1. Take the pine nuts (or walnuts) and brown in a small pan over high heat. There’s enough oil in the nuts that you don’t have to use any in the pan. Meanwhile, cook 3-4 cups of your favorite pasta.


2. Add everything but the olives into your tall Magic Bullet cup and blend.


3. Drain your pasta and combine with your pesto.


4. Put the kalamata olives in your cup, you don’t even need to wash it! Screw on your cross blade and pulse about 5-6 times.


5. Add the olives to the pasta, and enjoy!!!


And that’s a wrap!


Until next time!



Hi Everybody!

It’s me again! Chef Scott from Sunny St. Petersburg Florida…

So here’s the deal… I had never used a Magic Bullet until I filmed my original Kitchen Magician Video. I’m not much of a smoothie type guy, and I really have no interest in yogurt… and I found myself misled by the many recipes and anecdotes I read.

Boy was I wrong.

First, I made Cheesecake! Are you kidding? Cheesecake with no mess! And I made it a bunch of times… always comes out the same, perfect!

Since then I have been inseparable from my Bullet! I am constantly thinking how whatever needs to be done could use a ride in my Bullet! As a Chef, I am always looking for the best flavor with the least labor. MB is perfect for the task.

Take Today’s Recipe…

This one takes a little foresight (and moderate planning). But nothing you can’t handle. And for you Deuces and Singles out there, this is a very filling, fun way to treat yourself midweek…

You Need:


  • Tall Cup
  • Cross Blade
  • A knife
  • A Spoon


  • 2 Baking Potatoes
  • 2 strips Cooked Bacon (optional)
  • ¼ – ½ Cup Sour Cream
  • ¼ – ½ Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 5 Cloves Garlic (smashed, peeled..and sautéd if your into it. Sauté in the bacon grease, smarty. Or olive oil)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Additional Shredded Cheddar for topping
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Wash Potatoes well, and stab with a fork or knife several times. Place on a baking sheet and bake @ 375 for 45-60 minutes. Turn potatoes half way through. I used small bakers, they took 45 minutes.
  3. Let cool till you can handle them, or use hot pads. Here’s where there’s planning involved. You could bake the potatoes today, cool to room temperature… then wrap and chill them for up to 3 days! So you can give the potatoes the second bake later…
  4. When you’re ready, Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  5. Just cut the top off of the potatoes. (see pic) Don’t cut potatoes in half. (or, I guess you could… if you were serving 4 people as a side…)
  6. Scoop out the potato to make a bucket. Put the scooped out potato in the tall cup.
  7. Add the rest of the ingredients in any order. Screw on the Cross Blade. Invert the cup and just before putting it on the base, give it a good shake to get the denser ingredients down to the blades.
  8. Pulse, and shake if necessary. I also let it go for ten or so seconds.
  9. Scoop the filling back into your Potato Boats.
  10. Top with additional Cheddar Cheese or bacon bits etc.
  11. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until hot all the way through, and cheese is melted and bubbly.

I served this monster potato and it’s accompanying loaded skin all alone with a sour cream dippin’ sauce.

It would also go nicely with a green salad!

So leave the super healthy fat-free foods for the rest of the week, tonight do a carbo cheese Celebration! You probably deserve it…

Until next time,

I’m sending my warmest regards…

Chef Scott

Hi everybody,

It’s me Chef Scott with the recipe for the Alfredo Veggie Pizza. 10 minutes to throw together and another 10 in the oven gives you the best white pizza ever! Again…. this thick and cheesy pizza is not for the faint of heart… enjoy :0)

  • 4 oz. Cream Cheese (half of a brick from the grocery)
  • 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
  • 5 (or more) cloves garlic (smashed peeled and sauteed in olive oil)
  • Salt and pepper to taste ( 1/8 tsp each)
  • A Store Bought Pizza Crust (like Boboli)
  • Assorted Favorite Toppings
  • in the video I use: 1/2 onion and 1/2 red bell pepper chopped fine in my magic bullet; and mushrooms sliced large for pizza.
  • others toppings might include: pepperoni or cappicola, black olives, bacon, capers…. you get the idea!
  • Mozzerella (pre shredded from the grocery)
  • Fresh Parmesan

1. Pre Heat your oven to 400 degrees

2. Prep any toppings ie: slice mushrooms. Cross blade pulse some pepper and onion, etc…

3. Saute smashed and peeled garlic cloves in olive oil over med. heat. cook until lightly golden. remove from oil, save the oil.

4. Put Cream cheese, Cream, Garlic and Salt and Pepper into the tall cup and blend for several seconds until smooth.

5. Spread evenly over pizza crust.

6. Top with Mozzerella and favorite toppings

7. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-14 minutes. Check at 10 minutes.

I really love pizza more than any other food, and I was SO happy to research this recipe… the sauce sets nicely in the fridge for dip 🙂

till next time…

Chef Scotty

Hi Everybody!

It’s me Chef Scott from St. Petersburg Florida!

I love Cornbread. And it’s not just because it’s delicious and easy, it’s because you can do anything to it and it will STILL be delicious and easy (just like a close friend of mine, she knows who she is…).

I was with friends this weekend, when the conversation turned to favorite food. My friends are mostly foodies, so it ALWAYS turns to that topic eventually. This night we got onto family stand-bys. Comfort type stuff… the 2 dishes that everyone could agree on were the Bar b que… and mom’s pot roast stew. And they begat the extended Cornbread Convo of 2011.

How do YOU like it?! Like it dense? Or Cakey? Crispy on the outside and a cornmeal tooth? Or like pound cake. You like hidden treasures? Or Smoooth?

No matter how you like your Cornbread, the Magic Bullet is gonna make it better!

This is what we came up with the other night! Thanks John, and Another John, and Susan… it was good wasn’t it?


  • Magic Bullet Tall Cup
  • Cross Blade
  • baking pan (8”or 9” round or square… muffins… loaf, you get the idea)
  • a skillet
  • a couple of mixing bowls
  • various stirring tools.



  • 1 Cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1 Cup Cornmeal
  • 2 TBS Sugar
  • 3 tsp Baking Powder
  • ½ tsp Salt


  • 1 Cup Milk
  • ¼ Cup Oil or melted Shortening
  • 1 egg


  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • ½ Red Pepper
  • 2 TBS olive oil or Butter!
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 Can Corn (about 2 cups. Sub fresh or froze)
    1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease your baking pan
    2. Peel the onion… and cut the onion and pepper to larger than bites size. Going for something that will fit in the bullet.
    3. On medium heat on your stove, cook the onion and pepper with the sugar and salt/pepper. You don’t need to stir them too frequently. You are looking for well done edges and caramel colored markings (see the pic)
    4. When done, remove from pan to the bullet cup. Let cool briefly. Pulse with the cross blade. I eventually took mine almost to smoosh. A friend had said that she likes the flavor but not the texture of peppers OR onions. You can use your own judgment. Set this aside.
  1. Mix together all of your dry ingredients. Give them a stir with a fork, or whisk to comb
  2. Stir in the wet ingredients, just until moist throughout.
  3. Add the Powerful Variant onion/pepper mixture and corn. Fold gently to combine.
  4. Into the pan! Bake for 18-20 minutes… till a toothpick comes back clean.
  5. BOOM! So Much Flavor… Serve with Mom’s Pot Roast Stew…. Bar B Q… or justwith a little butter and salt…. or with Greans! Or drizzled with honey!

So Tell me what you think? And tell me how you like YOUR cornbread!!

Until next time…

I send my warmest regards…..


(POST SCRIPT): The picture makes this recipe look short and unimpressive. In the interest of full disclosure, I took nearly 2 cups of the batter for muffins of my own, greedily denying my friends of a Full and Tall loaf. Yours will look better, just sayin’.



Terrific Tuesday – Chicken + Black Bean Enchiladas Verdes

Buenos Dias – Happy Tuesday – Lauren here, your Kitchen Magician:

Hop on the Magic Bullet Express with me because we are heading south bound because today – going Mexican – and going strong.

Below is the recipe for Chicken + Black Bean Enchiladas Verdes. Two of my FAVORITE enchilada fillings.

Chicken + Black Bean Enchiladas Verdes


[1] Magic Bullet Blender cross blade
[1] Magic Bullet Blender tall cup


[8] corn tortillas – warmed

[1 1/4 Cups] black beans, rinsed and drained – separated [1] – [1/4]

[1 1/4 Cups] rotisserie chicken, roughly chopped

[1/2 Cup] shredded Mexican blend cheese

[1/3 Cup] sour cream

[1/3 Cup] almost carmelized onions

[1/3 Cup] chicken stock

[2 Tablespoons] fresh cilantro

[1 Tablespoon] fresh lime juice

[1 teaspoon] ground cumin

[1/2 teaspoon] sea salt

[1/4 teaspoon] fresh ground black pepper


· Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

· To your tall cup, add 1 cup of black beans, sour cream, cumin, salt and pepper.
· Blend with cross blade for 5 seconds. Shake what ya mama gave ya. Pulse 5 times. Add to a large bowl.
· Add additional 1/4 cup of black beans to bowl. Do not blend.
· To same tall cup [no rinsing required] add chicken, onions, chicken stock, cilantro and lime juice.

· Pulse about 5 times. Blend for 5 seconds. Add to bowl.
· Add cheese to bowl. Stir well.

· Spray a baking dish lightly with non-stick cooking spray, and spread 1/2 cup of salsa verde [see recipe below] on the bottom.

· Take about 1/4 cup of your filling and add it to the center of your warmed corn tortilla.

– To warm your corn tortillas:

– Layer with slightly damp paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds

– Place in oven on baking sheet at 250 degrees until warmed
· Roll up and place seam side down onto salsa in dish.

· Repeat until all tortillas are complete
· Top with 2 cups of salsa verde

· Bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown on edges and cheese is bubbling
· Enjoy those little roll ups of goodness


–       Top off your enchiladas with some additional cheese before you bake

–       Mix it up with that crazy queso – go with what YOU like – all cheddar, Monterey jack, no cheese in the filling and top it with some queso fresco, or go with NO cheese. This has enough flavor that you can go without

–       If chicken and black beans don’t do it for you, substitute with ground beef, pulled pork, sautéed vegetables, shrimp with a little cayenne kick – whatever does it for you

–       Get on that whole grain train and add some rice

Salsa Verde [ from my post last Tuesday, 9/13 ]

[1] Magic Bullet Blender cross blade
[1] Magic Bullet Blender tall cup


Note: This is doubled – you will have to make this all the way through twice if utilizing for the Enchiladas recipe above
[3 Cups] husked tomatillos
[1/2 Cup] roughly chopped onion
[1] Serrano chile pepper
[2 Tablespoons] chopped cilantro
[2] clove of garlic
[3 teaspoons] oregano
[1/2 teaspoon] ground cumin
[1 teaspoon] salt

· Add tomatillos***, onion and the Serrano chile pepper to tall cup with about 2 tablespoons of water
· Blend with cross blade for 10 seconds
· Add all other ingredients to tall cup
· Fill remaining space in cup with water
· Blend with cross blade for 10 seconds

· Complete the above steps twice if preparing for the Enchiladas Verdes recipe above

*** There are two options to cook the tomatillos:

– The first is following all of the above steps, and then after blended add to a pan and bring to a boil. Then turn it back down to medium-low heat and simmer for about 15 minutes.

– The second way is Yes, you got it my friend – roasting your tomatillos BEFORE blending. This method gives it a smokier flavor. Take the top rack of your oven and move it to about 2″ from the top. Pre-heat your oven’s broiler, and place the tomatillos [husks removed, and then rinsed] onto a baking sheet. Once preheated, place them under the broiler for about 7 -8 minutes total – rotating 1-2 times, until evenly charred.

To wrap up this bubbly baby, and per my extreme head cold and jumbled thoughts – ‘spice up your week this life’ – yes, I said it.

And I am well aware, it does not make sense.

Until Tuesday my little tomatillos – Happy Blending – from my big heart in Boston – to Yours.

Xox Lauren

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Lately I’ve been eating tons of carrots. Not really sure why. Just been having a hankerin’ for them. I guess there are worse things I could be craving… Anyway, to start off your week, I’m gonna throw this healthy Carrot Cocktail your way!

What’s up, Doc?


  • 1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
  • 4 small carrots, chopped
  • 1 tsp honey
  • ice

Throw everything but the ice this into one of your Bullet party mugs and blend! Add ice after!

Yahoooooo! It’s FRIDAY!!!


I am writing this with weary hands and blurry eyes. This week has been killer. I’m sure you can relate.


I’m hoping this weekend will bring us all a healthy recharge that we deserve! I, myself am going to a couple dinner parties. I’m really hoping to catch up with some friends I don’t get to see very much.


Now, living here in the city, going to grad school, and working full time gives me hardly any time to prep for potlucks, but thanks to my Magic Bullet, preparing a dish to take to a dinner party is quick and easy!


Today, I’m going to introduce you to an inexpensive party treat that tastes like a million bucks!


Here it is, my Ten Second Tapenade!



  • 1-7 oz. jar roasted red peppers, drained and loosely chopped
  • 1-6oz. jar marinated artichoke hearts
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup drained capers
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup minced fresh cilantro
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese



  1. Throw everything but the cilantro and the Parmesan into your tall Magic Bullet cup, throw on your cross blade. You’re going to use the pulsing technique for this. You should get this down in about 10 quick pulses.
  2. Pour this into a bowl and stir in the Parmesan and the cilantro.
  3.  Cover and let sit for about 2 hours so the flavors blend.
  4.  Serve atop some warmed crusty bread or pita chips!
  5.  Become the life of the party!


I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend! See you Monday!