I got electriciTEA flowing through my veins!

You should too.

That broad from Boston – Your Magic Bullet Kitchen Magician here –

Revving up your Tuesday with a beverage appropriately called ‘ElectriciTEA’…. Because even if you are still without power, this drink is guaranteed to turn things on.

[ 1 ] Magic Bullet party mug
[ 1 ] Magic Bullet comfort lip ring
[ 1 ] Magic Bullet cross blade

[ 1/2 Cup ] frozen, lemonade concentrate
[ 1/2 Cup ] sweet tea vodka, chilled
[ 1/4 Cup ] cold water
[ 1 ] small handful of ice (approx.. 5 cubes)
[ ½ teaspoon ] sugar
Optional: [1] slice of lemon for garnish

· Add all ingredients to party mug
· Blend for about 10 seconds
· Garnish with lemon slice inside of mug on top of frozen beverage
. I like doing that sometimes to give folks an idea of what they are
diving into
· Toss in a massive straw, and get goin

· Instead of sweet tea vodka, use blueberry vodka. Garnish with fresh blueberries. Pretty darn good.
· Add frozen raspberries.

· Substitute sweet tea vodka with chilled water
· Substitute sweet tea vodka with frozen orange juice concentrate for a citrusy frozen bev
· Regardless of the fact that it is only a half of a teaspoon, you could leave out the additional sugar to prevent potential mass chaos

The Tuesday after Labor Day weekend is the day I walk into work reeking of polish sausage, regardless of how many times I shower.

And I can already smell the kielbasa smoke billowing into my bedroom from my next door neighbor’s grill ….
which means this weekend is QUICKLY creeping up on us ….. and summer is slowly slipping away….

Now is the time to get those frozen drinks out of our systems.

Be brave – try it out – mix it up – trust ya gut – demolish.

Keep an eye out for my next video – coming your way – the right way – this Thursday.

In the meantime, Happy Blending my little citrusy bundles of love – from my big heart in Boston – to Yours.

Xox – Lauren


Kitchen Magician – back on your radar.

The weekend is almost here – as is Miss Irene.

Come on, Irene. Why must you do this to me? With Irene, comes storm prep.
With storm prep, comes:
A. Battling over bottled water like a tigress on a maimed gazelle at the grocery store
B. Less time to cook
C. Chance of losing power

Now, the last time I checked, Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel was not one of my homeboys.
And regardless of the fact that I had a hurricane tracking chart through my childhood – yes, I was that cool – I am not a huge fan of getting slammed in the face with horizontal rain.
Nor are many other folks that I am aware of.

What does all of this mindless information lead up to? The answer is STORM PARTY! I LOVE storm parties.

Typically these are snow storm parties, but this weekend we are going to have a hell-of-a-hurricaned good freaking time.

Now thinking through app choices. I wanted something easy, something that is not inundated with crazy meat or chicken or dairy in case we DO lose power for a little while, something versatile, something my little Magic Bullet Blender can whip up quick for me tonight and I can toss in the fridge til this weekend.

The final decision – HUMMUS. 2 ways.

Hummus is awesome. I am embarrassed to say I actually didn’t give hummus a fair shot until my last roommate, Marissa ‘the Garbanzo Bean’ Wheeler had me try it. And now, it is one of my favorites.

You can serve it with pita chips [try the ones I made in the Greek Dressing video last week!], it is great with veggies, fabulous on healthy wraps for lunch, crackers – shoot I would probably eat it on a shoe.

See below for the details!

HUMMUS – 2 WAYS …. Get After it GARLIC and Run This City ROASTED RED PEPPER

[ 1 ] Magic Bullet tall cup
[ 1 ] Magic Bullet cross blade


GARLIC Hummus:
[ 1 Cup ] garbanzo beans – rinsed and drained
[ 2 Tablespoons ] lemon juice
[ 1/3 Cup ] extra virgin olive oil
[ ½ teaspoon ] salt
[ 2 ] cloves of garlic, halved
*Sometimes I will add some paprika to this as well. Gives it a good kick in the tush.

[ 1 Cup ] garbanzo beans – rinsed and drained
[ 2 Tablespoons ] lemon juice
[ 1/3 Cup ] extra virgin olive oil
[ ½ teaspoon ] salt
[ 1 ] large garlic clove, halved
[ ½ Cup ] roasted red peppers
[ 1 ] fresh basil leaf

· To tall cup add: beans, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic
· Blend with cross blade until smooth
· You have go get your groove on hummus – already. Yes, it’s done.

· To tall cup add: beans, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, garlic
· Blend with cross blade until smooth
· Add peppers and basil
· Blend until combined and smooth
· You are DONE

Serve either of these with pita chips, veggies, crackers, whatever you dig!

You really don’t have to stop with just these two.
The garlic hummus recipe is really good with some pitted kalamata olives added in.
Sometimes I will do a sundried tomato hummus – follow the same recipe as the Roasted Red – but substitute tomatoes for peppers
Toss any of these onto a wheat wrap, add sliced turkey breast, shredded carrots, whatever veggies float your boat.

Put this on tap for tonight and give it a shot.
Get creative with it!
It is tough to mess these ones up – and they are great to make ahead – just keep them sealed or covered well if you are making them a couple of days in advance!

Alrighty kids – I’ve got to go buy some bike locks for the ole roof deck furniture.
Don’t want anyone taking a chair to the windshield. That would be a blast to explain to the insurance company.

If you are in Irene’s path, STAY SAFE!
If you are not, get out of control.

I’ll be checking in next week a couple of times – and with my next video!

Clue on next video’s topic – Will you marry me………….?

Happy Blending my little Pumpkins – from my hungry heart in boston, to Yours!

Xox – Lauren D. – Your Bullet Blender Enthusiast

Your week is back in full swing and it is time to get down to business.

I like getting down to business … with pesto.

I would exfoliate with pesto.
I would use it as the air freshener in my car.
I would wear it. But since I can’t, yes, I decided to wear the colors of the Italian flag in my photo instead.
Gotta get in that mind set, ya know? Toss some Dean Martin on the iPod, pop open a bottle of vino, get after it.

Pesto is great. Basic. Versatile. INCREDIBLY Magic Bullet friendly. A great weeknight go to.

A nice spin on your traditional pesto – sundried tomato pesto.

Toss with over pasta, add it to a panini, use it as sauce on a pizza.

Below I have listed the recipe I use for my sundried tomato pesto, as well as some additional ideas listed below. Make extra, keep it in the fridge, have it on hand, and dive in.

Magic Bullet Parts:
[1] Magic Bullet tall cup
[1] Magic Bullet short cup
[1] Magic Bullet cross blade
[1] Magic Bullet flat blade

[3/4 lb.] penne pasta, cooked in lightly salted water
[1 cup] drained, oil packed sundried tomatoes
[3/4 cup] extra virgin olive oil
[3] garlic cloves
[2 ½ tablespoons] pignoli nuts, toasted [optional]
[1/2 cup] packed, fresh basil leaves
[1/2 cup] bulleted pecorino romano

– Add pasta to boiling, lightly salted water
– To short cup, add sundried tomatoes
– Pulse with flat blade until broken up, not pureed – set aside
– To tall cup add olive oil, garlic, pignoli nuts, basil, pecorino romano

TIP: Buy a wedge of good pecorino romano from the cheese section of your grocery store. Cut into 1” cubes and blend with cross blade until grated. Keep in fridge and use with shaker top!
– Blend until smooth
– Add pesto and sundried tomatoes to bowl with pasta and toss together
– Top with additional pecorino romano
– Breathe it. Live it. Love it. Eat it.

This is great to make ahead, toss in the fridge and serve as a pasta salad.
Other nights I will toss it over some fresh tortellini, add some shrimp or some grilled, sliced chicken – fabulous.
Onto focaccia bread add grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomato pesto – for panini amazingness.

Summer is ending and sadness is setting in. If you are like me, and some blended herbs, oil and cheese make you happy, then this should spice up your week.

And on that extremely chubby comment, I wish you all a very happy Tuesday.

Happy Blending my little chefs – from my big heart in Boston, to Yours.

Xox – your Kitchen Magician, Lauren.

GREEK DRESSING [ from video ]

Magic Bullet parts:
[1] Magic Bullet tall cup
[1] Magic Bullet cross blade

[1 cup] extra virgin olive oil
[1 cup] red wine vinegar
[3] cloves garlic – halved
[3] fresh basil leaves, torn
[2 teaspoons] fresh ground black pepper
[2 teaspoons] salt
[2 teaspoons] onion powder
[2 1/2 teaspoons] dried oregano
[2 teaspoons] Dijon mustard

– Add all ingredients to tall cup
– Blend for about 15 seconds until smooth


Magic Bullet parts:
[1] Magic Bullet short cup
[1] Magic Bullet cross blade

[approx. 1/4 — ½ cup] GREEK DRESSING (recipe listed above)
[2] store bought pitas
[1/4 cup] extra virgin olive oil
[1 teaspoon] salt (to taste)
[1 teaspoon] black pepper (to taste)
[2] red peppers, finely chopped
[3/4 cup] pitted, kalamata olives
[3/4 cup] crumbled feta cheese

– Preheat oven to 350 degrees
– Line baking sheets with parchment paper to prevent chips from sticking
– Stack the pitas, and cut 4 times to make 8 slices per pita, shaped like pizza slices
– Cut each slice along fold again to give you 32 pita slices total
– Place slices onto parchment paper
– In small bowl add olive oil, salt, pepper [optional: garlic powder, roasted garlic]
– Brush each of the slices with the olive oil mixture
– Bake for 15 minutes, remove and set aside

While the PITA CHIPS are cooking — begin working on BRUSCHETTA topping:

– Add kalamata olives to short cup
– Pulse with cross blade until olives are broken down, NOT pureed
– Add olives, feta cheese and red peppers to bowl
o NOTE: This topping is also great with some chopped onion or diced cucumber
– Stir to combine
– Toss with GREEK DRESSING to coat — you do not want it drenched

– Put pita chips onto serving dish and spoon approximately one tablespoon of the filling onto each pita chip
o TIME SAVER: If you are running late, use the mixture as a dip instead and place the chips around it

**ADDITIONAL RECIPE: Save any extra bruschetta topping and add it to a piece of grilled chicken or fish

Magic Bullet parts:

[approx. 1/3 cup] GREEK DRESSING (recipe listed above)
[6 cups] chopped romaine lettuce (you could use iceberg, or hearts of romaine — I just prefer romaine)
[2] tomatoes, chopped
[1] cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped
[1/2 cup] red onion, finely chopped
[1/2 cup] sliced, ripe black olives
[1/2 cup] crumbled, feta cheese

– Add lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives and feta cheese to a large bowl
– Toss with dressing
o NOTE: Great with GRILLED CHICK WITH A KICK (recipe listed below) chopped


‘SHREEK’ it is so good PASTA SALAD — Shrimp. + Greek. Get it?
Magic Bullet parts:
[1] Magic Bullet short cup
[1] Magic Bullet cross blade

[3/4 cup] GREEK DRESSING (recipe listed above)
[1 lb.] orzo pasta, cooked al dente [firm — do not overcook until it is mushy]
[1 lb.] shrimp, peeled and deveined and fully cooked
[1] cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped
[2 cups] cherry tomatoes, halved
[1] red onion, chopped
[1] yellow bell pepper, seeded and chopped
[1] red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
[1 cup] pitted kalamata olives
[3 Tablespoons] toasted pignoli nuts [also labeled as ‘pine nuts’ — for when you are grocery shopping]

– When orzo is finished cooking and drained, toss with a TINY bit of olive oil to keep from sticking and set aside
– Add kalamata olives to short cup
– Pulse with cross blade until olives are broken down, NOT pureed
– In a large bowl add shrimp, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, kalamata olives and GREEK DRESSING
– Toss to combine
– Add orzo and combine
– Top with toasted pignoli nuts


Magic Bullet parts:

[1/2 cup] GREEK DRESSING (recipe listed above)
[4] boneless chicken breasts

– Add chicken breasts and GREEK DRESSING to a large, zip locked baggie in the morning
– Place in refrigerator
– If someone is home mid day, turn bag onto it’s other side
– Place onto grill, and cook until white all the way through — pink should be gone when you cut into it
– Toss onto a salad, over rice, by itself — whatever floats your boat

Terrific Tuesdays

Tuesdays are always terrific – right?

And if you are lucky enough to live in the northeast like me, this rain and extreme humidity that has made for a fabulous, high-gloss complexion for the past two days has been a fantastic added bonus……………………

Now let’s be serious for a moment.

Is any recipe with the word ‘dip’ in it ever a bad?

In my opinion, no. Are dips always the most healthy things in the world? Again, that is a big fat no.

Below is a recipe for one of my ‘go-to’ dips when I have some of my more health conscious friends over – but there is NO sacrifice made in terms of taste, I promise you that.

BLACK BEAN DIP – Don’t sell yourself short, do it.

[1] Magic Bullet tall cup
[1] Magic Bullet cross blade

[1 can] rinsed, drained black beans
[1 Tablespoon] tomato paste
[1 Tablespoon] extra virgin olive oil
[2] cloves of garlic, chopped
[2 teaspoons] lime juice
[1/2 teaspoon] ground cumin
[1/2 teaspoon] salt (to taste)
[1/2 teaspoon] cayenne pepper (to taste)
[2] green onions, chopped
[2 Tablespoons] mild green chilies, chopped

– Add all ingredients to the tall cup
– Pulse until well blended and almost all beans are broken up
– Serve with your favorite corn chips, pita chips, or for those waist watching folks, a veggie platter
– If you have had a rough day, a beer is a fantastic addition

** ADDITIONAL RECIPE – Below I have listed a recipe for BLACK BEAN BURGERS – made with your BLACK BEAN DIP –
– Take your black bean dip and add to a bowl
– Add [1] egg,
– [1/2 cup] of seasoned bread crumbs
– [1/2] green pepper finely chopped
– [1/2] vidalia onion finely chopped
– Shape into patties
– Spray frying pan on medium heat with non-stick cooking spray
– Add patties and cook on both sides for about 4 minutes, or until cooked all the way through
– These are delicious. No bread needed delicious. I like to top them with a couple of slices of avocado, couple tablespoons of salsa, amazingness.

You have to try everything AT LEAST once.

It’s the words I live by. And you should too. So give it a shot, and enjoy.

Happy Blending kiddos –

Xo – Lauren

Thursday ….. oy is a toughie.

You are so close, yet so far.

The weekend itch is starting.

The AM shift at the coffee joint is getting testy.

Your kids may be approaching that ‘off the wall / I haven’t fed you candy today and don’t understand how you can be this hyper stage’.

You can FEEL that underlying excitement vibe all around… but you still have Friday to deal with.

On that note – let’s break it down.

A little background – I LIVE for embracing, entertaining and over feeding my loved ones.

And when time permits – and Thursday hits, the weekend planning is going full throttle.

This weekend I have volunteered to host my dear cousin and biggest Kitchen Magician Competition supporter, Danielle’s bachelorette party. Approximately nine lovely ladies in their mid-twenties will be shacking it up with me – and yes … it is time to get down.

Saturday is going to be a busy day around the city with many agenda items on the list – but once the late afternoon hits – we are hitting my roof deck, hitting the bullet, and taking a knee before my own little wolf pack heads out the town.

And what better way to unwind for a hot minute than diving face first into a CITRUS BERRY CHILLER

My favorite ingredient – limoncello. What I would do to bathe in limoncello.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with limoncello, it is an Italian liquor made with lemon, vodka, water and sugar, and then sits at room temperature – timing varies. Regardless, it is typically served chilled and is fabulous as an after dinner palate cleanser or sometimes used to spice up dessert recipes.

But for this weekend – and due to my fabulous cousin’s love for limoncello – we are using it to spice up our beverage.

Here we go –

*NOTE: For all beverage recipes, I will be including a ‘kid friendly’ variation as well. Yes, I love to go out and do event management for a living, but I was also an education major and certified to teach in the state of Massachusetts. The kiddos will never go by the way side J


[1] serving

[1] Magic Bullet party mug

[1] Magic Bullet comfort lip ring

[1] Magic Bullet cross blade

[3/4 cup] frozen lemonade concentrate

[3/4 cup] unsweetened, frozen raspberries

[1/2 teaspoon] granulated sugar

[1/2 cup] chilled limoncello

*KID FRIENDLY: substitute limoncello with [1/2 cup] orange juice

–          Add all ingredients into the party mug

–          Blend for about 15 seconds

–          Screw on your comfort lip ring

–          Toss in a BIG FAT straw

–          E-N-J-O-Y

On that note – I hope you all have a safe and fantastic weekend! And use those bullets, baby.

Hugs & Happy Blending, from my heart to yours.

Xox –Lauren

Wishing you all a very Happy Hump Day and sending a HUGE hello straight from Boston – your Magic Bullet enthusiast and Kitchen Magician, Lauren. Buckle up – this kiddo is back.

Like the fabulous Miss Lizzie, you will be seeing some posts from me, along with some videos illustrating the wide range of capabilities the Magic Bullet Blender has to offer. I’ll be sharing with you some of my STAPLES. I’m talkin what I live and die by. And we are not playing around here – you will get a taste of everything – from weeknight shortcuts to weekend treats. Some for the kids –some for the adults. Regardless, they will ALL be recipes for success. I promise, I would never let you fail.

Keep an eye out for me, and do yourself a favor … let this Magic Bullet Magician into YOUR kitchen.

Hugs & Happy Blending, from my heart to yours.

Xox – Lauren