Cutting Down On Mindless Snacking Pt. 1

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I’m not perfect. I don’t want to ever be perfect. If we’re perfect, then what is there to strive toward, to “better”?

I was recently asked how I cut down on my nighttime eating. I know this is something a LOT of us struggle with, so I’d love to share with you, Magic Bullet Blog readers, the tips and tricks I’ve used throughout the years that have actually stuck and made a difference.

Before we begin, it should be noted that in no way have I mastered this. I’m human. I’m normal. We all have our highs and lows, and slip up along the way. I will say that a tool I use to keep myself in check is calorie counting. Not meticulously, just a ballpark number. This works for some and doesn’t for others – if you’re prone to disordered tendencies and counting just sends you in a downward spiral, then please do not torture yourself over numbers. I find that if I keep a rough track, it helps me listen to my body and figure out what I really want, if I really want it. It’s like money in your wallet. Do you want to spend that $20 on an impulse buy or a ton of 99-cents store junk that will just end up adding to the tornado-aftermath that is your bedroom floor? Or do you want to buy that book you’ve been thinking about all day? Maybe you need a manicure soon because your nails are one step away from being dead-ringers for something straight out of Star Wars. Or maybe that $20 looks pretty cool just chillin’ in your wallet for now and you are actually just in “impulse buy” mode.

There are five strategies which I’ve found to be the most beneficial and easiest to implement when it comes to nighttime snacking. Five strategies that keep me feeling alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic. Five strategies that keep my inner ice-cream monster at bay, sleeping like a baby. In each post, I’ll quickly detail one go-to tactic for you to test run on your own.

First up:


1.) Think about your goals, both short term AND long term.

Short term: How do I want to feel tomorrow? How do I want to look tomorrow? What would I like to wear tomorrow that I would feel like a superstar in?

When you know you’ll have to put your best foot forward in a matter of hours, decisions start to shift. Is this mindless snack going to make you wake up with energy or regret?

Long term: What would I feel like if I banished this habit every day? How will this make me feel tomorrow about my progress?

This one is great if you have a goal of weight loss, healing digestive or fatigue issues, or any sort of long-term goal that has to do with how your body FEELS and how do you envision yourself in the long run.

If you put the right work in, your body WILL transform into what you are working toward.

Stay tuned for the next tip next week…and keep me posted on your journey!

-Katie Horwitch