Etta (James) Mame Dip

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Hi Everybody!

Edda, Etta… Mahmay? I don’t know how you spell it.

It’s me Chef Scott comin’ at ya from the Shores of St. Petersburg!


I like to eat healthy when I can.




So this week I decided to do a little research about a little bean I’d heard of… the Edamame (say edda-mah-may) It’s a fancy Asian styled name for the humble powerful Soy Bean.


It’s one of the Top 10 SuperFoods, ya’know! What are SuperFoods? Well… they are plain old vegetables and some nuts and seeds and things that, pound for pound pack more nutrients than any other food with considerable margin. They appear mild mannered at first glance, but you almost can’t escape their supreme goodness. Spinach! Soy! Cacao! Broccoli! Cabbage! Tomatoes! Onions! Garlic!


Eat these regularly, and eat them raw. Amazing Power. Super Energy. Weight Loss. And Blah blah blah…


Back to my little edamames. I did a quick pass through the google machine and decided to give these babies a try. I grabbed a frozen pack at the grocer and came home to my Mega Kitchen.


Heres an amazing dip for your next get together! As usual, I didn’t have all of the ingredients that the recipe said I needed… so I made it up. Thanks Bullet Couldn’t do it without ya!


And stay tuned after the dip recipe for a <<BONUS>> Recipe for some easy chips!


Let’s Go!


Magic Bullet Blender Parts

  • Tall Cup
  • Cross Blade


  • 1 Cup  Edamame ( shelled. I found some frozen. super convenient)
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2 TBS  Lemon Juice (about 1 squeezed lemon)
  • ½ Cup Plain Yogurt (I used greek organic… you could also use sour cream)
  • Sprigs of Rosemary (maybe a ¼ tsp dry)
  • 2 TBS Mae Ploy sauce (find it in the Asian food aisle… also called sweet chili sauce)
  • 2 tsp    Soy Sauce
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Bring 2 Cups salted water to a boil.
  2. Add Edamame and return to boiling. Continue to boil about 5 minutes, until edamame is tender.
  3. Drain Edamame and reserve the water.
  4. Add Edamame, lemon juice and ¼ Cup reserved water to Tall Cup.
  5. Pulse and Blend till smooshy
  6. Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth. I added more of the water to get a good dip consistency.
  7. Put it in a serving dish, cover with plastic and chill for an hour or so.
  8. Top with additional Mae Ploy sauce for decoration
  9. Serve with Old Bay Tortilla Chips


Bonus Round :o)


Old Bay Tortilla Chips


  • 3-5 Flour Tortillas
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • Coarse Sea Salt (or Kosher salt)
  • Fresh Cracked Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Old Bay Seasoning


  1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees
  2. Cut tortillas like a pizza into triangles
  3. Place tortillas on a parchment lined cookie sheet in a single layer and spray with olive oil
  4. Liberally sprinkle Salt, Pepper, Sugar, and Old Bay over all.
  5. Bake for 7-10 minutes until when one is cooled it is crisp.
  6. BOOM! Dip ’em in what you want!


That’s all the time I got today!


Cheers Y’all!