Green Berry Smoothie

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I'm Erin Allmann. I love family, friends and food. A lot. I live in a teeny, tiny apartment in a place called Paradise with a wonderful boyfriend named Brett who cooks much better than I do. We both happen to be fantastic at eating and whenever we're not doing so, (which isn't all that often), we try to stay occupied outdoors. We're also two of the biggest nerds you can ever find, so excuse the occasional o-chem, bio, Harry Potter, or Star Wars reference.

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Hey everyone! Erin here. Smoothies are, well, delicious. They also happen to be nutritious, or at least, they can be. Sure, Juice it up has the best white peach smoothie I’ve ever had in my life. But that’s because it’s made with ice cream. Duh. And even though we’re “grown ups” now and we technically can eat ice cream for breakfast, because y’know what, ma, I do what I want! ahem. We really have become our parents and “know better now” or at least, have to make it through 8 to 12 to 14 hour work days (plus school and studying and oi vey), so ice cream generally isn’t going to cut it for breakfast. 

But smoothies still can. Especially when paired with something like an english muffin or an egg-inside-tortilla, which is my personal favorite thing to pair a smoothie or juice with. And smoothies actually can do a very good job of not only keeping you a bit fuller and keeping your energy up, but you can sneak in a whole bunch of good stuff that you otherwise might not want to eat all that much. Which is what we do. Green powder, which I’m pretty sure you can buy anywhere they sell strange health-food items, is one of my boyfriend’s obsessions and we put a couple scoops in every smoothie we make. And I don’t even complain because I can’t taste it. But the nutrition label says I am being nice to my body when I eat it. go fig.

Also! oh! I almost forgot to mention. We found the secret to making smoothies at home as creamy and delicious as they are when you buy them!! ah! Want to know what it is?? well, it’s two things, actually. one: use frozen fruit. It makes a huge difference over using fresh. Fresh bananas are okay, but for berries, mango, papaya, etc, freeze it in chunks (or buy it frozen for a lot cheaper!) before you use it. Two: vanilla yogurt. Magic. You can buy it as fatty or non-fatty as you like it depending on your health-consciousness for the day. So, without further ado, here is our go-to-morning smoothie:

Green Berry Smoothie


  • handful (or two or three) of frozen mixed berries
  • 2-3 scoops vanilla yogurt (seriously, we don’t measure smoothies in this house..)
  • enough orange juice so your blender doesn’t get mad at you (meaning, put as much as you think you need, and if your blades get stuck, add some more. you’ll get the hang of it eventually)
  • got some frozen papaya? throw that baby in there! mango? sure, that too! honestly, throw any fruit you want in there. except banana, unless you want to taste only banana and nothing else.
  • 1 scoop of green powder per serving (or less if your boyfriend isn’t looking. muahaha..)


  1. Throw it all in, and blend to your heart’s content. Drink and enjoy!

-Erin Allmann