How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Diet

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Well, it probably isn’t hard to guess, but the less you sleep, the worst you eat.

According to two recent studies, a loss of sleep can lead to a dysfunctional appetite. The results of MRI scans were analyzed to see how adults made food decisions after a normal night of sleep and then were compared to how decisions were made by those same people after a night of sleep deprivation. Turns out that when your body doesn’t get the right amount of sleep, changes in metabolism occur, which could potentially be the cause of unhealthy food choices.

The second study noted that after being deprived of sleep, the brain’s reward centers tend to light up more after seeing pictures of unhealthy foods compared to seeing pictures of healthy foods, explaining why after a night of little sleep, many of us replenish ourselves with Pop-Tarts and Ho-Ho’s.

This could potentially explain the link between lack of sleep and obesity; the body tries to fight back against lack of sleep by seeking out foods high in fat and sugar content.

Luckily we have our trusty Magic Bullet to help curb our temptations! Maybe a healthy smoothie, instead?

Read more about the studies in this article by Forbes.