The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

Do you like your coffee with a shot of Kahlua? Do you take it extra large, put it on the tab? Are you a coffee snob who’ll only drink coffee that’s been French pressed? Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason. It can be decadent, it can be straightforward, it can get the job done or provide a lovely afternoon respite. However you take it, let’s agree that coffee is awesome and you should love every […]

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Easier said than done, right? We get it. It’s the holidays and desserts are all over your office and there’s nothing better than getting home to the smell of something sweet and savory cooking on the stove. It’s ok to enjoy yourself and have a sweet treat, but don’t let the holidays be your excuse for weight gain! There are strategies you can use to prevent those unwanted pounds from piling on before the New Year. Get started today.  

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Eating Healthy on Independence Day

This 4th of July, don’t let your bikini bod fall by the wayside – pay attention to the food you eat and party the right way with healthy, whole food alternatives to the usual fare. Who said healthy eating wasn’t fun?

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When I went to UCLA, there was a place in Westwood called Bella Pita where you could get a falafel or chicken pita and then load it up with toppings—fresh tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, a wide array of unlabeled sauces. I’m an adventurous eater and wasn’t hesitant to try it out. For the next four years, I doused my chicken pita in a mysterious creamy, beige sauce. One day, it occurred to me that I wouldn’t live right next door […]

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In an ideal world, I’m a morning exerciser. Of course, sometimes I need to rearrange my schedule to fit my busy day, but if I can fit my daily sweat in before noon, I’m a happy camper. This usually means that by the time I’m done teaching a spin class or running a few miles, my body is needing some fuel. Often times, I’ll turn to a smoothie as I know the nutrients will be easily absorbed and it won’t […]

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bacon barter

Would you give someone a place to stay for 6 packages of bacon? Would you get a bacon tattoo for 200 packages of bacon? It sounds pretty outrageous, but there are people willing to barter their goods, their time, yes, even their skin, in exchange for bacon. Josh Sankey was given 3,000 lbs of bacon and told to barter his way from New York City to Los Angeles. People are trading everything from food to a place to stay, all […]

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I just came up with this theory that all established recipes made with three ingredients or less are delicious. You want examples? Peanut Butter and Jelly Grilled Cheese S’mores Mac & Cheese Cereal & Milk Bagel & Cream Cheese Quesadillas And now, roasted salsa. This is one of those recipes that won’t complicate your grocery list, it won’t break the bank, and it takes almost zero effort to make. AND it fulfills my three ingredients or less theory. Just try […]

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Well, I guess this is kind of another way to have summer for longer than we are allowed by the seasons. Smores are pretty much a summer staple, but, for whatever reason, no one ever eats them any other time of the year (uh, I know the reason actually, it’s called cold. no one camps in the cold). If you’ve never had a smore, and to be honest it’s difficult to imagine anyone growing up without ever eating one, (but […]

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Whenever I sit down at a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurant I always scan the menu and my eyes immediately fixate on lamb burgers. I love the rich, juicy taste of the heavily spiced meat and I especially love the tangy taste of tzatziki sauce. Now, I didn’t grow up eating a lot of dairy based products. I actually didn’t like cheese, yogurt, or what have you, because I learned when I was small that most dairy products are essentially old milk […]

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Barbecuing this weekend? Throwing a fiesta? Then we’ve got the perfect Mexican-style marinade for you! This marinade goes perfect on lamb, pork, chicken, you name it! The strong flavors of the cilantro marry perfectly with the dried oregano and lime for the perfect kick that will have you wondering why you didn’t think to make this marinade before. And for a real kick, add a teaspoon of cayenne or arbol chile powder to the mix. It brings the perfect amount of […]

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The UK national academy of science compiled a list of the 20 most significant inventions in culinary history, and, for whatever reason, the Magic Bullet didn’t make the cut. But we’ll share their results anyway! So what was the most significant invention in the history of food and drink? The oven or the toaster? The pot or the spork? Not surprisingly, it was refrigeration. Refrigeration has helped people since the mid-18th century to not only store food, but keep it […]

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Remember Gogurt? Remember when you wanted to eat it, but it was warm from sitting in your mom’s car after a long day of errands? Remember when you stuck it in the freezer to get it cold faster? And then forgot about it and discovered it the next day!? That’s what all of those new-fangled create-your-own-yogurt places remind me of. But sometimes, I’m too lazy to walk down the five flights of stairs to the place down the street. It’s a lot easier […]

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Duyen made some virgin piña coladas recently that looked delicious. And it seems we are on similar wavelengths because I made some, too. Only I like rum. Quite a lot actually. Also, I wasn’t smart enough to look up an actual piña colada recipe, so I just made it up. We had pineapple. And coconut milk. Seemed easy enough, right? Not going to lie, it took a couple of tries. A lot of re-blends, if you will. So I don’t […]

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