The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

Do you like your coffee with a shot of Kahlua? Do you take it extra large, put it on the tab? Are you a coffee snob who’ll only drink coffee that’s been French pressed? Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason. It can be decadent, it can be straightforward, it can get the job done or provide a lovely afternoon respite. However you take it, let’s agree that coffee is awesome and you should love every […]

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Easier said than done, right? We get it. It’s the holidays and desserts are all over your office and there’s nothing better than getting home to the smell of something sweet and savory cooking on the stove. It’s ok to enjoy yourself and have a sweet treat, but don’t let the holidays be your excuse for weight gain! There are strategies you can use to prevent those unwanted pounds from piling on before the New Year. Get started today.  

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Eating Healthy on Independence Day

This 4th of July, don’t let your bikini bod fall by the wayside – pay attention to the food you eat and party the right way with healthy, whole food alternatives to the usual fare. Who said healthy eating wasn’t fun?

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Remember Gogurt? Remember when you wanted to eat it, but it was warm from sitting in your mom’s car after a long day of errands? Remember when you stuck it in the freezer to get it cold faster? And then forgot about it and discovered it the next day!? That’s what all of those new-fangled create-your-own-yogurt places remind me of. But sometimes, I’m too lazy to walk down the five flights of stairs to the place down the street. It’s a lot easier […]

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Duyen made some virgin piña coladas recently that looked delicious. And it seems we are on similar wavelengths because I made some, too. Only I like rum. Quite a lot actually. Also, I wasn’t smart enough to look up an actual piña colada recipe, so I just made it up. We had pineapple. And coconut milk. Seemed easy enough, right? Not going to lie, it took a couple of tries. A lot of re-blends, if you will. So I don’t […]

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Sometimes I buy avocados to add to sandwiches that I pack for lunch. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t pack lunch. Sometimes the bread goes bad and I have two avocados left. What do I do? Well, when life makes it so you put off packing lunch and you have ripe avocados, you make guacamole! Spicy guacamole to be exact. Remember when Alton Brown’s Good Eats was new and quirky? I miss those days. But I love this easy guacamole […]

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Oh Summer. We loved you. We will always love you. Some things just epitomize summer in the best of ways. I love summer more than any other season by far and I love everything that goes along with summer, too. Long days, warm nights, sunscreen, sandy feet, popsicles, sticky hands. And watermelon. Is there anything more summery than a juicy watermelon dripping down your face and arms? I’m pretty sure there isn’t. So, to celebrate the end of Summer, I give […]

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canned peaches

Canned and dried fruit? Rice cakes? We all know that potato chips and cans of sugary soft drinks are terrible for your body, but a new article on Huffington Post’s health blog Healthy Living argues that even rice cakes and granola bars are bad snacks. Sure, chocolatey and peanut-buttery sugar-ladden granola bars might not be great for your health, but what about the healthier granola bar alternatives that are high in fiber, healthy grains, and protein? Read the article, go […]

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Last time we met, we talked about exhaustion eating. So far, we’ve gone over 4 necessary steps to curb nighttime snacking. Let’s recap: Determine Goals, Find Your Daytime Groove, Find Your Nighttime Groove, Identify If You Are Exhaustion Eating – and now: 5.) Don’t keep trigger foods in the house. It’s that simple. We all have them – the ones that you will not only keep eating into oblivion, but will also make you feel all poofy-bodied and awful no matter […]

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You guys. Do you buy pasta sauce? Like, in a jar? At the store? For like waaay too much money for a sauce that is just kind of..meh? Or even maybe good but, come on, three fifty for a jar that will only last for like one box of pasta and if you don’t use it all you’ll shove it in the back of the fridge and forget about it and it will get moldy and then you just wasted […]

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Welcome, Magic Bullet, to my humble abode. I’m so excited for all sorts of multi-purposing in our future together. But what to start with? Maybe something easy. And healthy. I read lifestyle blogs all day long and easy and healthy seems to be the trend nowadays so why not? I decided to try out the Lean Green Smoothie featured on Camille Styles blog. I adapted it a little and my ingredients are listed below. Here are the players: Pretty healthy […]

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We here at the Magic Bullet LOVE to hear about all the marathons our fans have run in (especially if they have one of our ING New York City Marathon Magic Bullets…), but we understand that not everyone does. So when we read this article by The Onion, we couldn’t help but share! We’ve all been there. Maybe we’ve even been the ones going on and on. Arbitrary-sounding finish times, cliche phrases, “I never thought I could do it, but […]

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Last we met, we talked about finding your groove during the NIGHT. Next up: MOVE #4: EXHAUSTION EATING 4.) Determine if you’re eating based on level of exhaustion. Are you eating because you are not tired, not tired ENOUGH, or are TOO tired and want to stay awake? Crazy, right?! If we want the opposite level of tiredness, we turn to food. Let’s face it: sleep via food coma is a thing. So sometimes, if we are not tired – […]

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