The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

Do you like your coffee with a shot of Kahlua? Do you take it extra large, put it on the tab? Are you a coffee snob who’ll only drink coffee that’s been French pressed? Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason. It can be decadent, it can be straightforward, it can get the job done or provide a lovely afternoon respite. However you take it, let’s agree that coffee is awesome and you should love every […]

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Easier said than done, right? We get it. It’s the holidays and desserts are all over your office and there’s nothing better than getting home to the smell of something sweet and savory cooking on the stove. It’s ok to enjoy yourself and have a sweet treat, but don’t let the holidays be your excuse for weight gain! There are strategies you can use to prevent those unwanted pounds from piling on before the New Year. Get started today.  

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Eating Healthy on Independence Day

This 4th of July, don’t let your bikini bod fall by the wayside – pay attention to the food you eat and party the right way with healthy, whole food alternatives to the usual fare. Who said healthy eating wasn’t fun?

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Julia Child, who passed away in August 2004, would have been 100 years old today. For such an accomplished chef (She did bring French cuisine to American popularity with her show Mastering the Art of French Cooking, after all…) she, by no means, took herself seriously. Not afraid to make mistakes in the kitchen, she encouraged experimentation, fun, and always quality. Hard to say we’d be here where we are at Magic Bullet without her. Read this touching tribute to […]

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sleep deprived

Well, it probably isn’t hard to guess, but the less you sleep, the worst you eat. According to two recent studies, a loss of sleep can lead to a dysfunctional appetite. The results of MRI scans were analyzed to see how adults made food decisions after a normal night of sleep and then were compared to how decisions were made by those same people after a night of sleep deprivation. Turns out that when your body doesn’t get the right […]

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I don’t know why I think olives are fancy. But I do. Also, you should know, you are speaking to a reformed olive-hater. Yep. I hated olives. Pretty hardcore, actually. Almost  as much as I hated beans. Actually, maybe even more than I hated beans. I don’t know why. I don’t have a reason. I think it was because olives tend to be a bit vinegar-y… kind of like pickles, which I also hated. I kind of still don’t like pickles. […]

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PB winneres

Congratulations to Kimberly Butler, first place winner of our Favorite Summer Drink Photo Contest with her submission: Sangria! In second place we have Eric Lewis with Cotton Candy Cosmos. Finally, in third, we have a tie! Barbara Austin and her drink, Rum Runners, and Derek Boshold and his drink, the Heath Bar Mudslide. These drinks all look delicious! Each of the winners will receive a Party Bullet System. Congrats, everyone!

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In high school I used to spend a lot of time hanging out on my best friends’ families’ couches. Oftentimes I would find myself making bologna sandwiches and eating their leftovers, too. I loved them for letting me into their homes and their kitchens. It’s there that I discovered my love for eating frozen fruit. Plain. This fruit was really meant for smoothies, but I liked it all alone. Still do. But when that wasn’t cutting it for me, I […]

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Did you see Chinese Olympian Liu Xiang stumble on his first hurdle in the London Games earlier this week? Even if you didn’t, chances are you’ve heard about it by now. Liu Xiang, who won gold in the 2004 Athens’ 110 meter hurdles event (a 12.87 world-record performance), suffered an injury to his achilles tendon shortly after, rendering him unable to compete like he once did. In the 2008 Olympic games, he walked off the track after a false start […]

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I’m not perfect. I don’t want to ever be perfect. If we’re perfect, then what is there to strive toward, to “better”? I was recently asked how I cut down on my nighttime eating. I know this is something a LOT of us struggle with, so I’d love to share with you, Magic Bullet Blog readers, the tips and tricks I’ve used throughout the years that have actually stuck and made a difference. Before we begin, it should be noted […]

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It’s summer and the sun is shining and the humidity is disgusting here in NYC. Although I spent all winter waiting to run outdoors without boots and socks and any number of layers on, now I find myself cooped up inside wishing for it to cool down. Oh, New York… While inside, I decided to make myself some quintessential summer eats. Popsicles! This is the easiest, set-it-and-forget-it recipe there is. Grab some watermelon. Cut it up into bite size chunks. […]

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America’s first Olympic Games were, by far, one of the strangest the country has ever partaken in and the Olympic Marathon event was no exception. Including a Cuban in trousers, 10 Greeks who had never run a single marathon in their lives, and two barefoot tribesmen from South Africa, the marathon event was more of a sideshow than anything else. The 1904 Games were undoubtedly tied to that year’s World Fair, which not only included athletic events of its own, […]

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I dunno if you guys are as bad as me, but I’m going to guess you are since you’re reading this. But blogs are addicting. Like, really, really addicting. It’s hard to do real work. I get so sidetracked. You know what has made it even worse? Pinterest. Ugh. It’s the bane of my existence, seriously. There are so many pretty pictures! I click them all. And then I’m stuck on these dang blogs that are captivating for whatever crazy […]

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