The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

Do you like your coffee with a shot of Kahlua? Do you take it extra large, put it on the tab? Are you a coffee snob who’ll only drink coffee that’s been French pressed? Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and with good reason. It can be decadent, it can be straightforward, it can get the job done or provide a lovely afternoon respite. However you take it, let’s agree that coffee is awesome and you should love every […]

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Easier said than done, right? We get it. It’s the holidays and desserts are all over your office and there’s nothing better than getting home to the smell of something sweet and savory cooking on the stove. It’s ok to enjoy yourself and have a sweet treat, but don’t let the holidays be your excuse for weight gain! There are strategies you can use to prevent those unwanted pounds from piling on before the New Year. Get started today.  

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Eating Healthy on Independence Day

This 4th of July, don’t let your bikini bod fall by the wayside – pay attention to the food you eat and party the right way with healthy, whole food alternatives to the usual fare. Who said healthy eating wasn’t fun?

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Why Am I So Fat? In May 2011, I weighed 435 pounds, and I was not happy. The key word in that sentence is and. I have been overweight since the second grade, but I always had a positive outlook to what I could achieve in life. I found myself in a situation where, for the first time in my life, I had lost my balance. For a lot of people, balance is key to everything, especially happiness. My happiness […]

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I’m going to tell you a story about chimichurri. Except I don’t know anything about it at all. Never even heard of it until my boyfriend, Brett, decided he wanted to see if the bullet could make it. It can. So. Let’s have wikipedia tell us a story about chimichurri. Well, apparently it is a sauce for meat, originating in Argentina, but also found in Uruguay, Nicaragua, Columbia, and Mexico. We ate it. Here in Hawaii. So now it’s come […]

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The ING New York Marathon isn’t just for professional runners. Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter said she’s trying to keep her head outside of work by training for the marathon as well. Though she said acting’s an addiction (“I just can’t get enough of it,” Carpenter said), she also knows the importance of having a life off stage. “I’m trying to get out of my house,” Carpenter said. “I run, I started taking some new classes, I joined LACMA [Los Angeles County […]

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I have no idea why we decided to name this drink a Mojito-rito. But for some reason, it just happened. My first thought is maybe because it’s somewhere between a mojito and a blended margarita… but I’m not sure if that is really why we came up with it or not. Either way, this drink was a creation that was basically the result of bringing home a bottle of rum and realizing we had no mixers. At all. I had […]

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  Most of us remember when mega fast food chain McDonald’s introduced the Super Size. Some of us may have even spoken those two terrifying words: “Supersize it!” But most people probably don’t know the origin of monster-sizing our meals, or the first time a ‘large’ size was introduced. A recent article outlined the origin of the food size upgrade to a bucket of movie popcorn thanks to the BBC2 series The Men Who Made Us Fat. The large sizes, […]

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Yaayy, it’s popsicle season! It’s also peach season (-ish? Right? All I know is they are everywhere and so delish!) Now, I haven’t ever made my own popsicles at home. I’m really more of an ice cream kind of girl. But I’ve seen so many pictures of delicious looking popsicles everywhere, especially floating around pinterest (biggest time waster of my life–I’m obsessed) and I just knew that this summer I’d have to give it a try. One small issue: I […]

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Magic Bullet Brothers and Sisters, In your hour of need, I come to you with an amazing smoothie recipe! Yesterday morning, before embarking on a vigorous hike, I decided to make a fruity concoction to get myself energized and motivated. For the smoothie, I used some of my favorite fruits and even added a little raspberry sorbet, because I was feeling just that crazy. Take a Hike Smoothie  Magic Bullet Parts Magic Bullet tall cup with cross blades  Ingredients ¼ […]

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Another bean post?! I really have come a long way, haven’t I Mom? This spread, though. Let me tell you. It’ll make you a believer. A bean believer. A bean-liever. Yeah I just went there. The best part about this bruschetta though is that it is absolutely perfect for summertime BBQs. It’s simple and it’s quick and when you brush bread with olive oil and then put it on the grill, something magical happens. When you top that magical bread […]

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Dear Diary, For my last meal in San Francisco, my  mom and I made broiled salmon with Italian salsa verde. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this style of salsa verde, it’s a cold rustic sauce that can be served with any assortment of vegetables, fishes and meats. Filled with fresh herbs and other tasty ingredients, this sauce is perfection. Trust me. Although I was sad to leave San Francisco the next day and, thus, conclude my Magic […]

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If running a marathon in every state is on your bucket list, then look no further. We found this neat little infographic that showcases the 50 most beautiful runs in each of the country’s states (49 actually. We’ll pretend you didn’t see Arkansas’s box). And if you can’t run all 50, then pick your favorite and start running!

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