Meet the Cooks

Erin Allmann

Who am I? I am Erin. I love family, friends and food. a lot. I live in a teeny tiny apartment in a place called paradise with my boyfriend who often cooks much better than I do (but shh.. let’s keep that between us). But I’m a quick learner, and I’ve been practicing. We both happen to be fantastic at eating, and whenever we’re not doing so, (which isn’t all that often) we try to stay occupied out-of-doors. We also are two of the biggest nerds you could ever find, so do excuse the occasional biology, Harry Potter or Doctor Who reference. I am a graduate student at University of Hawaii studying epidemiology and am in the process of applying to medical school, which may help to explain the impulsive nerdiness. My own blog,, is where you can follow my personal journey to prove to my family I can (and do) actually cook. It’s filled with yummy recipes, as well as general musings about my life as a perpetual student. You can also follow me on pinterest if you’re so inclined. Thanks for stopping by!!


Duyen Tran

By day, Duyen works for iMentor–a youth development non-profit in NYC–as a Volunteer Coordinator. The rest of the time, she’s a CA native trying to navigate her new life in NYC as a recent transplant, post-grad, who tries to make friends, explore the city and eat well on a small budget. She’s known for her fairly obscure pop culture references and gumption. She aspires to grow up to be a mix of Lorelai Gilmore, Paula Deen, and Jenna Lyons. Mull that one over. You can see some of that or her twitter @doogencreates.


Katie Horwitch

Katie Horwitch is a writer, wellness advocate, fitness pro, model, actor, artist, and life-lover based in Los Angeles. She is honored to be a writer, spokesperson, and coordinator at The Chalkboard, where she delves into wellness, empowerment, self worth, fitness, and advocates the demise of the Casual Negativity that litters our lives. A certified group fitness teacher who currently packs classes at Equinox locations in West Hollywood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, and more, she encourages every single person she encounters to “Fight For It, Not Against It” – for what we do in the gym is not only an escape, but the prep work for what we do in life.



Kitchen Magicians

In July 2011, The Magic Bullet Headquarters held a national search for the next Magic Bullet Kitchen Magician, with a trip to Hollywood to compete for the $10,000 grand prize. With more than 60+ entries, we found culinary gold in our 3 finalists: (from left) Scott Perman, Lizzie Theis, and Lauren DeMaio. Even though Lauren ultimately took the coveted title (and the dough), all three Kitchen Magicians continue to be great friends with each other and all of us at Magic Bullet Team.


Based in Florida, Brooklyn, and Boston (respectively), this culinary trio contributes their freshest ideas using none other than the original Kitchen Magician – the Magic Bullet.


Outside the kitchen:

Blue Benadum

Blue Benadum is a competitive marathon runner and professional running coach in Los Angeles, California. Since 2006, Blue has lowered his personal marathon record 9 times, with a current best time of 2:35:36. He has co-founded the Malibu International Marathon and the Malibu SUPathlon, a race event that combines running and stand-up paddling.

On top of running, Blue specializes in strength and conditioning, working with athletes and clients of all levels toward a higher personal standard. Blue’s physical background spans from rock climbing and surfing, to amateur boxing and jiu-jitsu, soccer and break-dancing, to, of course, racing marathons. Next up for Blue is this year’s Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon, where he’ll be defending his 1st place overall win from 2011 and the New York City Marathon, an all time favorite.