Moroccan Chickpea Soup

Not only is this Moroccan chickpea soup comforting to eat, the aromas of cooking it will fill up your whole house. Many different spices are used to make this soup, including cinnamon and paprika. The combination of tomatoes and chickpeas blended into a creamy texture will excite your taste buds to the max. A fresh herb like cilantro makes a beautiful topping, and adds yet another dimension of taste to this dish. Moroccan Chickpea Soup Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 […]

Cinnamon Apple Crêpes

Crêpes are pretty high on my favorite breakfast foods list. I love to fill them with different fresh fruits. This week, I whipped up some crêpes using my Magic Bullet and filled them with a freshly cooked cinnamon apple filling and whipped cream. The secret to these crêpes is a dash of cinnamon spice that is added to the batter, giving them extra cinnamon flavor. For healthier crêpes, hold the whipped cream and do not add extra sugar to the […]

Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

This fresh, homemade cinnamon applesauce is so easy to make. It is the perfect healthy anytime snack and it makes a precious gift! You can add more or less cinnamon, depending on how strong you want the cinnamon flavor. Applesauce is a great substitute for butter in many recipes, so it’s nice to have in the refrigerator, just in case. I like to make a large batch to last me almost the entire week. It will stay good for about […]

Apple Cider Smoothie

I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but instead of shrimps, I gots me some apples! We went apple-picking last weekend and we are still buried in a mound of apples. Made some apple pie and apple sauce and now we are on to apple cider smoothies! Pretty easy to make and just as good for you as eating two apples–without the chewing of course. Apple Cider Smoothie Ingredients 2 large apples or four smaller apples. Wash and core! (You […]

Don’t Take the Cinnamon Challenge!

For the sake of your own dignity, don’t do it. An article recently published online by Pediatrics warns about the dangers children and young adults face when they ingest large quantities of cinnamon – not as a routine part of their diet, but in spoonfuls with no water and usually on camera. A recent internet trend shows young people taking this ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ and the horrifying results it induces. (We won’t show you the clips, but you can watch some […]

Cinnamon Horchata

One of my favorite recent discoveries is Horchata. I had never had it before, but I tell you, there’s almost nothing better than sitting in the sun sipping on a giant glass of horchata. Proof positive here: And now I can make my own! My quality of life just got so much better. And it’s really easy. Just note, you have to start this recipe three hours before you want it, because there’s a wait time! Cinnamon Horchata Ingredients 1 […]

Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

I have to be honest, I was skeptical of this recipe for Baked Donuts that I found on the Camille Styles blog. I mean it’s very nicely photographed and all, but how good could baked donuts really be? These are a little denser than your normal fare but since they’re baked that means you can definitely eat twice as many. The recipe calls for a donut pan but I just used a muffin/cupcake tin and it worked just fine. As […]

The Official Unofficial Bushmills Honey Milkshake

  Hi Magic Bullet Heads, Although I’ve never been a huge liquor drinker, my friend recently turned me onto Bushmills Irish Honey– a special blend of Bushmills Original whiskey and real Irish honey. Not only does it mix perfectly with ginger ale (one of my all-time favorite sodas), but it also carries way less of a punch than straight whiskey. If you are like me and sometimes gag at the smell of liquor, there’s a chance that Bushmills Irish Honey […]