Creamy Cauliflower Soup

I love creamy soups, but don’t like the amount of calories they contain thanks to the added heavy cream. That’s why this delicious, creamy cauliflower soup doesn’t contain any heavy cream. What is the secret to its creaminess? A potato! Potatoes are a healthy way to make lusciously creamy soups in the Magic Bullet. I added some half-and-half for taste, but the creamy texture is mainly due to the chopped potato. Cauliflower alone can be a bland vegetable, so I added some garlic and […]

Creamy Asparagus Soup

The other day my husband did a really nice thing: the grocery shopping! Usually, I’m the one who does it, but I’ve been working long hours lately, so he offered to buy some things at the grocery store for us that night. I came home to two huge bundles of asparagus. Now, we both love to eat asparagus, but this was just way too much to eat before they go bad. I started thinking about what we could do with all […]

Creamy Avocado Dip

I think avocados are probably one of the best green things ever. I mean. There are some really good green things, like, plants, and, lettuce. (Lettuce? That was all I could come up with? Seriously?) But avocados… they’re just so good! Do you agree? Or are you crazy like those crazy people who don’t dream of the creamy fruit and all the ways they can eat it? All the ways I can eat it are usually just smashed up with lime […]