Cucumber Mint Gimlet

I was recently at a wedding where a friend, who is a Bar Rescue enthusiast, showed off his bartending skills and made me some great gin gimlets. I thought I would try my hand at a version of it with this Cucumber Mint Gimlet recipe since I usually have all of these ingredients in rotation in my kitchen. Quick and easy to make on a weekend afternoon or even after work. Or both. Cucumber Mint Gimlet Ingredients 6 English cucumbers […]

Apple Cider Smoothie

I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but instead of shrimps, I gots me some apples! We went apple-picking last weekend and we are still buried in a mound of apples. Made some apple pie and apple sauce and now we are on to apple cider smoothies! Pretty easy to make and just as good for you as eating two apples–without the chewing of course. Apple Cider Smoothie Ingredients 2 large apples or four smaller apples. Wash and core! (You […]

Mango Lassi Popsicles

Whenever I go get Indian food, I always treat myself to a Mango Lassi. And thanks to this Desserts for Breakfast recipe, I can have a Mango Lassi any time I want. That my friends, makes me real happy. Happy happy mango lassie. Mango Lassi Popsicles makes 6-12 popsicles depending on your molds Ingredients 2 cups ripe mango, chopped 1 1/2 cups Greek yogurt 1/2 cup milk 2 Tbsp sugar big pinch of ground cardamom big pinch of salt Instructions Peel […]

Already in your Pantry Salad Dressing

You get home from work and you’re like, “I’ll be healthy today and have a salad for/with dinner.” You cut up some veggies, wash your spring mix, and open the fridge for your favorite dressing and find out that it’s a. empty b. expired or c. gone! If this has ever happened to you, then I feel your pain. Luckily, I can also offer you a great solution. This quick and easy salad dressing recipe is made up of things […]

Thin Mint Smoothie

Every now and then, my hoarding tendencies show up and one of those times is during Girl Scout cookie season. Usually, I pick up a box or two or four, but this year, I bought six boxes. And then my boyfriend bought six boxes. And then my sister bought six boxes and shipped them to me… So now, I have 18 boxes of (mostly) Thin Mints. And I’ve eaten a lot, but I also stuck some in the freezer for […]

Berry Lime Coconut Popsicles

Summer has been a strange thing here in NYC lately. But I guess weather everywhere is feeling a little like a teenager–non-committal, moody, unpredictable. So for those incredibly humid and hot days, I’ve made some fruit popsicles out of fruit that I had on hand before they could go bad because of said indecisive weather conditions. I used this recipe from Desserts for Breakfast‘s blog(Aptly named, I might say since I did indeed have one for breakfast this weekend.) Berry […]

Deviled Eggs

Truth: I never had a deviled egg until 2013. But then I had one and I’m sort of addicted. I get this strange urge for them in the middle of the day. Or in the morning. Or before bed. Who knows what’s going on. In any case, I decided I would make a ton at once to binge on share with friends who were coming over. I used Virginia Willis’ recipe as a jumping point. Deviled Eggs Ingredients 12 eggs 1 Tablespoon mustard 1/3 […]

Middle Eastern Cumin Yogurt Marinade

This is part deux of Dinner: A Love Story’s yogurt marinade change-up. As long as you have the basic ingredients, you can shake it up and make a few different marinades with a quick change of characters. Ingredients 2 cups plain yogurt 1/2 large onion 1/3 cup olive oil salt & freshly ground pepper And then for this twist, you’ll need: 1/2 cup fresh oregano, stems removed 1 clove garlic juice from one lemon 2 teaspoons cumin Instructions Throw all […]

Tandoori Yogurt Marinade

I eat a lot of chicken. Chicken breast. Chicken thighs. Chicken drumsticks. Chicken chicken chicken. Because it’s healthy and most of the time it’s affordable. But it can feel a little like Bubba from Forrest Gump and here is where Dinner: A Love Story‘s variations of the yogurt marinade will save you from the boredom of blandly seasoned chicken breast. Ingredients 2 cups plain yogurt 1/2 large onion 1/3 cup olive oil salt & freshly ground pepper 1 cup cilantro […]

Summer Cooldown S-MOO-thie

NYC is experiencing some ridiculous heat waves this summer. Normally, everyone would be happy that the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to wear shorts and take a walk, BUT these days are topping out at 99, 101, 103 degrees… which makes me just want to stay inside and take advantage of the air conditioning and ALL the fans I own. And because I wanted a snack/dessert but couldn’t bear to walk to the fro-yo place so I used […]