Easy Taco Dip

Whenever we have people over at our house, the munchies are flowing. We like to offer a few different dips and appetizers for people to choose from. One dip we always make is this easy taco dip. It is made with sour cream, cream cheese and taco seasoning mix. Get creative with the toppings for this dip: cheese, tomatoes, olives and jalapeños are just a few ideas. This dip is best served with tortilla chips. Easy Taco Dip Ingredients 4 […]

Fake-Out Porchetta

Pig, pig, pig, pig, PIG! Anyway, this recipe does bear a fair amount of similarity to the pernil recipe, in that you make a delicious paste, smear it all over a piece of pork shoulder, then slow roast the pork shoulder until it’s falling-apart succulent and then yank the heat up to high to give it a crispy crust. It’s also similar in that it’s incredibly delicious. On the other hand, the flavor profile is quite different: where the pernil […]