Fennel Salad with Tahini, Garlic, Paprika Dressing

Fennel is… strange. The middle of it looks like celery, the top of it (the “fronds”) look like Muppet hair, and the bottom like… fennel. And the whole thing tastes like licorice. And then there are fennel seeds, which also sort of taste like licorice, or maybe like anise? And where do the seeds come from? Anyway, put aside your fennel confusion, because it turns out that chopped fennel makes a tasty, crunchy, vaguely licorice-y salad, especially when dressed in […]

Fennel Pesto

What is pesto? That’s one of life’s great questions, isn’t it? No! Pesto is Italian for paste (I’m told) and the classic basil pesto (Genovese) is just the tip of the iceberg. You roast fennel in the oven to bring out its mellow yet distinctive anise-y flavor, as well as to draw out its water, then you make a pesto that’s every bit as flavorful as the classic, but distinctly different. This pesto has a nice, complex flavor, and the fennel adds a fair amount of substance, too; I […]