Thanksgiving By the Numbers

Do you bake your Thanksgiving pie or do you buy it from the store? How big was your Thanksgiving bird? Is cranberry sauce a must at your dinner table? These little details are what make the Thanksgiving holiday so special – the traditions, the meal. Imagine a Thanksgiving without Aunt Patty’s stuffing, or that classic end-of-meal pumpkin nog. Around the world and around the nation, these traditions differ, but one thing is certain: we should all be grateful for what […]

A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving

If the thought of cooking for your family and friends this Thanksgiving is stressing you out, imagine cooking for a family of judgmental hamsters! Okay, maybe this adorable little rodent family isn’t as harsh as your aunt Patty or as drunk as your drunk uncle, but they’re still a tough crowd to please. Happy Tuesday and an early Happy Holidays! We’ll see you at dinner.  

America’s Favorite Appliance Just Got Smaller!

They say size doesn’t matter, but when you’re looking for a good time, you need to make each move count… Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Now, the thing you need comes in a smaller, more compact size. We’re talking about the all new Magic Bullet Mini! With the Mini, you can enjoy your favorite drinks, meals and snacks wherever the day (or night) may take you! So, whether you’re heading out of town with your significant other or just to […]

Can You Smoothie It?

You know you’ve always wanted to throw something terrible into your morning smoothie. We’ve all been there. I giant scoop of ice cream? A donut and some milk? Well, the crazy people at Buzzfeed were, well, crazy enough to do it. So, can you smoothie it? Generally, no. But you might be surprised at what you CAN smoothie! Watch this video and tell us: what’s the craziest thing you’ve thrown into a smoothie?

What is a Sandwich?

A hoagie? Sure. PB&J? Absolutely. A burrito? Nope! But why? With a wheat or flour wrapping that usually encases meat and other fixin’s, it seems like it’d qualify just like a pita or anything else normally considered a sandwich. Well, The Atlantic has put this question to rest with 4 solid qualifications that will help you figure out, what exactly is a sandwich?

What’s the Most Shocking Thing Your Kids Don’t Know About You?

This Mother’s Day, we thought we’d spread the holiday cheer by making all you mothers out there think about your dark, dark pasts. Your wild college days, perhaps? Your young and innocent mud-wrestling days in high school, maybe? Don’t worry – we’re not here to judge. Only to laugh. But we’re laughing with you, not at you! This Mother’s Day, take the time to really creep out your kids by telling them about your most shocking indiscretions, because, after all, […]

Just Put the Turkey in the Oven

Turkeys are never perfect. They all taste like cardboard. Have you ever really had an outstanding turkey? Don’t worry or fret about having to cook it – that causes unnecessary stress during what’s supposed to be a fun evening together with friends and family – just stick it in the oven and enjoy yourself! That’s Mary Risley’s advice, anyway. Enjoy a class of pink champagne or pinot noir or whatever else you have and have a good time! Still need […]

Halloween Candy Consumption

It’s the day after Halloween. Whether you went out trick or treating yourself, or you have a pail-ful of your kids’ candy to go through, chances are you’ll be eating candy for many days (and possibly weeks) to come. But how many kids actually go trick or treating each year? How many adults eat this stuff compared to kids? What’s your favorite Halloween treat? See how your answers compare to those of the rest of the nation in the infographic […]

Inside the American Kitchen

The American kitchen is unlike any other. Americans have a diet all their own and unique eating habits – here, we break down just how Americans feel about their kitchen and the kitchen items they’re willing to spend money on. Which kitchen gadget can you just not live without?

The 5 Second Rule

The five second rule is one of the most scientific food safety tests anyone without a science degree can perform, but just when should you use it and when you should you throw in the towel by throwing your food away? We’ve got this handy little infographic from our friends at NuLife Floorcare that will ask you a series of questions letting you know whether or not eat it or bin it! (Our gut says, no matter what, just clean […]