Pomegranate Chicken Skewers

The last time we went out to eat, we went to a Mediterranean restaurant with a unique pomegranate chicken listed on the menu. Needless to say, it piqued my interest, and it was actually really delicious. Of course, any good chef will never share their secrets or recipes, so it took a few times ordering this chicken and testing some at home before I came really close to developing the recipe. This pomegranate chicken is marinated in a reduced pomegranate juice mixture that […]

Grilled Salmon Kabobs

t’s June and it is GRILLIN’ season! Baby, now you know I’ve asked before, and shoot I’m askin again – but Will You Marinate Me? Yes, I am a Magic Bullet Blender proponent. Enthusiast. User. Lover. And this started far before ‘Kitchen Magician’ life. It’s the real deal. It’s a life saver. It’s a staple. And for me, it is only to be followed closely by my fandom for: the GRILL. Today’s recipe: Summa Salmon Kabobs – marinated in a […]

Rubs Ya’ the Right Way

The weather in the northeast hasn’t been what I would call consistent, but baby, grilling season is upon us. And what a GREAT season it is. Lauren DeMaio here, your Magic Bullet Blender Kitchen Magician and as a product of the DeMaio family, I’m a grilling aficionado, of sorts. Below is a quick recipe for a rub that I use for everything from steaks on the grill to chicken in the oven – versatile, forgiving, yours, and easy with the […]