Horchata is always a go-to of mine when I order Mexican food. The light texture and subtle sweetness are wonderful complements to all of the strong spices and flavors found in delicious Mexican cuisine. But what happens when you’re having taco night at your house and can’t order a glass? Thanks to the Magic Bullet, that problem is solved! This recipe produces a perfect horchata, all while schooling you on the process of soaking rice and cinnamon sticks. Be aware that […]

Cinnamon Horchata

One of my favorite recent discoveries is Horchata. I had never had it before, but I tell you, there’s almost nothing better than sitting in the sun sipping on a giant glass of horchata. Proof positive here: And now I can make my own! My quality of life just got so much better. And it’s really easy. Just note, you have to start this recipe three hours before you want it, because there’s a wait time! Cinnamon Horchata Ingredients 1 […]