Thai Kale Salad

A few years ago I was sitting in a Thai restaurant and decided to try one of the salads on the menu. I found the tangy peanut dressing to be amazing, and wanted to see how it fit with a chopped kale salad. This Thai kale salad is now one of my favorite salads. The crunchy carrots and shredded red cabbage pair nicely with the chopped kale and Thai peanut dressing. Thai Kale Salad Recipe Ingredients 2 cups chopped kale […]

Golden Beet Farfalle Pasta

Have you ever seen golden beets? They’re a rare find, but I strongly prefer golden beets over red because they have a much more subtle flavor, but are still really healthy for you! Recently, I discovered they go incredibly well in pastas. Bake them in the oven, peel them, chop them up and toss them together with steamed kale, pine nuts, bow tie pasta and a light alfredo sauce quickly whipped up in your Magic Bullet, and you have yourself a […]

Pasta with Kale, Sausage, and Lemon

Convenience food: it doesn’t sound good, does it? Like a frozen pizza or one of those rotisserie chickens from the grocery store (okay, both of those can be good sometimes.) Even so, I think it’s funny how squishy the line is between “prepared food” and “homemade.” As far as I can tell, these days virtually nobody actually makes food from scratch from scratch – I mean, what would that even mean? Is anybody out there milling their own flour? But on the […]

Kale Bean Soup

Whenever the weather starts to get cooler, it becomes instinctual for me to make a warm, healthy soup. Maybe to fight off all of the illnesses that come with the change in weather? Or maybe just because I love a warm soup on a chilly day. This kale bean soup is packed with healthy vegetables, including the superfood all-star kale itself. One tip for making this delicious, comforting soup is to remove the hard stems from your chopped kale before adding […]

Green Power Shooters

Maybe it’s because of my sweet tooth that I’ve never been a huge fan of green drinks. I never could find a way to make them taste good enough for me to enjoy. The bitter raw kale and spinach taste is usually too hard to mask! If you’re like me and have a hard time downing a big green smoothie, then this recipe is for you. These green power shooters are made of healthy ingredients, like kale and flax seeds, but […]

Magic Bullet Green Smoothie

This video from iFOODreal shows us just how easy making a delicious green smoothie can be! If you’re trying to detox after the holiday celebrations of weeks’ past, give this recipe a try. It’ll leave you vibrant and glowing. Thanks to iFOODreal for the amazing video and recipe! Magic Bullet Green Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup kale, chopped 2 broccoli florets 1 celery stalk, sliced 1 lemon slice 1/2 green bell pepper, sliced 1/8 green apple, sliced 1/2 cup water Ginger […]

Kale Berry Smoothie

  If you’re looking for a great energy boost in the mornings or at lunchtime, this kale smoothie will surely do the trick! I have to admit, I completely despise eating kale. I’ve tried it in a few different recipes and did not like any of them. I know kale is incredibly healthy, but even when I buy it at the grocery store, I cringe at the thought of incorporating it into a meal each day it sits in my […]

Kale Pesto

This is the third pesto variation I have written about and just like being held back in fourth grade, you can bet I am damn proud of it. It’s me, Lauren! Your Magic Bullet Kitchen Magician – and this time we are bringing those power greens into the mix. How? Via KALE PESTO, my friends. I have made this twice now. Both times with brown rice pasta. Brown rice pasta, I’m a fan. But honestly, anything that you top with this […]