Garlic Dijon Salmon

This baked salmon recipe is another one of my go-to quick and easy dinner recipes. Our family eats a lot of salmon, and we love to switch things up all of the time. Lemon, garlic and Dijon mustard make a tasty marinade for these baked salmon fillets. The best part of this recipe is that there is very little preparation time, leaving more time to spend with family and friends and less time in the kitchen. Garlic Dijon Salmon Recipe […]

Quick Pickle Relish

Sometimes I get nostalgic and crave the foods of my childhood like Chef Boyardee, Kraft Mac & Cheese and, yes, hot dogs. So when the craving struck last week, I wanted some relish to go along with my hot dogs and there was none in the fridge! But, luckily, I always have a jar of pickles and mustard on hand, which are some core components for some quick relish. I added a couple of pickles, a scoop of mustard, a […]

Simply MUSTard by Lizzie

Hey kids! It’s me, Lizzie, back with another recipe for my Bulleteers!   We all know that there’s just a certain satisfaction that comes with making food from scratch. It feels more natural, and you feel a little more attachment to whatever it is that you’re making. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to make my own condiments.   In the end, you end up spending less money to customize your condiments, and they last for […]