Carrot Potato Soup

Nothing is more comforting to me on a chilly day than a warm cup of creamy soup and a crusty piece of bread. This simple, healthy soup is made with carrots, potato, onion, garlic, some seasonings and chicken broth. Once cooked, the soup is puréed in the Magic Bullet blender to create a creamy texture. I like to top this soup with a dollop of sour cream to finish it off just before serving. Carrot Potato Soup Ingredients 1 onion, […]

LOADED Baked Potato Soup

Whether you: Know the snow is coming and you won’t be leaving the house for a few days Had a bad day at work Have company coming over for dinner and want to slam it outta’ the park on course 1 Wanted to make a sinfully rich treat for someone (or yourself) This loaded baked potato soup made with your Magic Bullet Blender is soooo one hundo the way to go and you betta bet your Van Halen tush this […]