Summer Sunrise Smoothie

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t decide which smoothie you want to make? I was having one of those days recently, and couldn’t decide between a raspberry smoothie and mango smoothie. Both sounded so delicious! I finally decided to make a layered smoothie using both! This layered smoothie reminds me of a summer sunrise from the colors. You can layer it more than just once like I did to make it look even nicer. […]

Raspberry Sorbet

I discovered my new favorite way to eat raspberries: raspberry sorbet! It is so much easier to make than I thought and it is the perfect summertime treat. All you need is fresh raspberries, ice, lemon (optional) and a Magic Bullet! I love how quick this raspberry sorbet recipe is to prepare, especially if you already have ice ready to go in your freezer. I am usually more of an ice cream person rather than a sorbet person, but I […]

Raspberry Sauce

Dudes. Let’s talk about fruits. In specific, let’s go ahead and talk about fruit sauces. Y’know, the ones that usually basically look like purple glop and are overly sweet and don’t much resemble the fruit they came from. Those ones. Let’s go ahead and say we’ll never eat another one of those again. Not on a cheesecake or a scoop of ice cream or anything. Instead, let’s all eat this sauce. Because it’s the best sauce. Because it’s a little […]

Kale Berry Smoothie

  If you’re looking for a great energy boost in the mornings or at lunchtime, this kale smoothie will surely do the trick! I have to admit, I completely despise eating kale. I’ve tried it in a few different recipes and did not like any of them. I know kale is incredibly healthy, but even when I buy it at the grocery store, I cringe at the thought of incorporating it into a meal each day it sits in my […]