Garlic Dijon Salmon

This baked salmon recipe is another one of my go-to quick and easy dinner recipes. Our family eats a lot of salmon, and we love to switch things up all of the time. Lemon, garlic and Dijon mustard make a tasty marinade for these baked salmon fillets. The best part of this recipe is that there is very little preparation time, leaving more time to spend with family and friends and less time in the kitchen. Garlic Dijon Salmon Recipe […]

Salmon with Tarragon-Lemon-Chive Butter

Herb butters are on my brain lately, after making an incredibly good one-pan meal of pork tenderloin the other day. I try to eat at least a few meals of fish each week and am able to get great herbs at the farmer’s market this time of year, so I turned to my Magic Bullet to create a quick, easy and delicious salmon dinner. The key to this meal is the mixture of acid, fat, and flavor. The herb butter […]

Spicy Paprika Salmon

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite go-to dishes to make when guests come to our place for dinner: spicy paprika salmon. This healthy seafood dish takes under 30 minutes to prepare (except for waiting for it to marinade in the refrigerator). The Magic Bullet makes a delicious marinade for fresh, wild-caught salmon fillets, which are then fried in oil until flaky. This special marinade is made up of a blend of garlic powder, paprika, red and black pepper, […]

Broccoli Slaw Salad with Peanut Butter Dressing

What is it about heat that has us craving salads? I live down the street from a salad place, and the first hot day of summer is always the same: lines down the block. I like salad as much as the next person but, sometimes, it’s nice to vary it up a little. Here’s an interesting salad using broccoli slaw, broccoli’s little brother and coleslaw’s cousin. (Does that also make coleslaw broccoli’s cousin?) Anyway, this recipe has multiple advantages: it’s a […]

Salmon, Farro, and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Hello salad, my old friend. I’ve come to enjoy you again. Because as lately, I’ve been eating, Foods that I should not be eating – Pizza, mac n’ cheese, Cheeseburgers, wings – And yet the hunger deep inside my stomach Still remains. And so… I eat salad. (With salmon and farro and Brussels sprouts, and a lemony vinaigrette.) Salmon, Farro, and Brussels Sprouts Salad Ingredients 1 medium wild salmon filet, about 8 ounces 1 pound Brussels sprouts, trimmed and sliced 1 cucumber, […]

Quick and Easy Salmon Burgers

I’m as big a fan of a traditional hamburger as anyone you’d meet. Sometimes, though, red meat is just a little too much. Whether that’s due to diet, general heaviness, or straight up boredom depends. On the other hand, salmon burgers are healthy, enlightening, and totally delicious. They’re a wonderful alternative to the traditional hamburger, and a great stand-alone dish; and with the Magic Bullet, extremely easy to make! Quick and Easy Salmon Burgers Ingredients 3/4 to 1 pound salmon filet 1 […]

Red Wine and Mustard Salmon Glaze

Salmon is one of the few foods often prepared on its own, with very little sauces or toppings. Whether it’s to preserve the salmon flavor or convince the diner of the chef’s ability to master cooking fish, it’s easy to overlook the fact that there are a number of toppings you can add to salmon that enhance and complement its natural flavors, while not overwhelming the dish. This recipe does just that! A delicious mustard-based glaze for baked salmon, the ingredients […]

Salmon Burgers

When we were out for dinner the other night, I saw something on the menu I have never tried: salmon burgers. I wondered how easy it would be to make them at home and, it turns out, they are very easy to make! I found a really good recipe on Food Network that I adapted to my own taste. To start, you will need a boneless, skinless salmon fillet. This is very important – I almost bought a salmon fillet with the skin […]

Low-Fat Smoked Salmon “Cream Cheese”

I know, I know. “Low-fat.” Very 1990s. But. But. What if I were to offer you a simple way to lighten up one of life’s great pleasures? Would that be so wrong? Not diet food, exactly, but here’s a lighter version of ye olde bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Forgive me: Of course, the Magic Bullet takes well to making spreads of all kinds, and my colleague Kristianne has a great recipe for herbed salmon spread. Here I […]

Herbed Salmon Spread

Whenever I’m craving a quick snack, I always gravitate towards a baguette in my kitchen. I am such a carb-a-holic! One of my favorite snacks to make is this herbed salmon spread using goat cheese as the base. It is so easy to make with the Magic Bullet and goes great on crackers or bread. Last time I made it, I served it as an appetizer with some sourdough bread and it was a hit! The best part is once […]