Sweet Potato Beet Avocado Sandwich

No need to spend a lot of money eating a fancy vegan sandwich at your favorite restaurant when you can easily (and affordably) make them right at home with your Magic Bullet! All you need to make your own delicious, healthy vegan sandwich at home are a few slices of your favorite sandwich bread, an avocado, sweet potato, a few beets, a cucumber, hummus, olive oil, cumin and curry powder. I have not seen curried hummus at the grocery store, […]

Avocado Aioli

This creamy avocado aioli is full of garlic and lemon flavor. It not only goes well on sandwiches, but it also makes an excellent vegetable dip! I like to spread it on grilled turkey sandwiches. Avocado aioli makes a great dressing for sandwiches because it makes them less dry and more flavorful. Only a few ingredients are needed to make this flavorful aioli, and no egg yolks. Plain yogurt is used (not mayonnaise) in this healthy spread. Avocado Aioli Ingredients 1 […]

Curried Chicken Sandwich

My friend and I love to order curried chicken sandwiches at our favorite tea spot in the city. You can easily make these popular lunch-time sandwiches at home and you can prepare the sandwich filling ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator for up to a day. I actually like it better the next day because the flavors have more time to sit and meld together. The apples and dried cranberries really add an interesting dimension of flavor! […]

Vegan Mayo

Vegan: not a word I’d have thought would ever be associated with me, my cooking, my blogging, my shoes. But, wouldn’t you know it, this is my second vegan post in as many months, and I’m just getting started. (The first was this Chocolate Peanut Butter Tofu Pudding.) Why vegan mayo? Let me explain: Now, I know there’s a certain set of you who, putting the whole vegan issue aside, just aren’t into mayo. I’ve always found these people mystifying […]

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Panini

This panini is made with a homemade sun-dried tomato pesto spread on ciabatta bread with turkey and mozzarella cheese. I personally prefer hot sandwiches over cold and I love experimenting with new, hot sandwiches. The other day, I was at a deli during my lunch break and “sun-dried tomato pesto” caught my eye on one of the sandwich menu items. Too bad it has a lot of other stuff I didn’t want! I decided not to get it, but the pesto […]

What is a Sandwich?

A hoagie? Sure. PB&J? Absolutely. A burrito? Nope! But why? With a wheat or flour wrapping that usually encases meat and other fixin’s, it seems like it’d qualify just like a pita or anything else normally considered a sandwich. Well, The Atlantic has put this question to rest with 4 solid qualifications that will help you figure out, what exactly is a sandwich?

Deviled Ham

This stunningly delicious sandwich spread is appealing to both adults and kids and couldn’t be easier, or quicker, to make. Its smoky, mustard flavor is unbelievably delicious, just perfect for sandwich platters. Deviled Ham Ingredients 1 1/2 cups cooked smoked ham (or fat free smoked turkey ham) 1/3 cup chicken broth 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard Directions Add the ingredients in the order they appear to the Tall Cup and twist on the Cross Blade. Then give it 5 or 6 quick Pulses. Just […]