World’s Best Vegetarian Chili

There’s a time and a place for 30-minute beef chili: a weeknight when you just want to throw something in a pot and have a warming and pretty delicious meal in a matter of minutes. And then there’s a time and a place for those more lazy afternoons watching football when you can also make the World’s Best Vegetarian Chili and bake homemade cornbread to boot. That’s not really my designation; this is a recipe adapted from Cook’s Illustrated called the “Best Vegetarian […]

Fresh and Easy Mango Salsa

Salsa is probably one of the most versatile foods out there. Good on its own as a dip, or as a topping for tacos or sandwiches, or as a salad mix-in, or as a chicken or fish marinade, the possibilities are pretty endless. But tomato salsa is so yesterday. Modernize your salsa repertoire with this healthy, vegan, sweet and savory salsa you can quickly make in your Magic Bullet. Keep extra on hand to top your favorite protein with, blend […]

Indian-Style Three Bean Dal

I guess I must be exploring a theme, because this month, I’ve been making and eating a ton of bean dishes that are a bit like chili (in that they are warming and delicious), but that also happen to take advantage of totally different flavor profiles. Even better if they’re quick and easy and cheap, like this dish is. This recipe, adapted from Food and Wine magazine, uses a bunch of clever tricks to pack a lot of Indian flavor […]

Cheese-Stuffed Dates

This one goes out to Komi, the uber-fancy, uber-delicious temple to food not far from my apartment in DC. A meal at Komi is a twelve course affair, with just a bite of various deliciousnesses followed by some sort of roasted meat, like duck or goat. And one of the first few bites is often cheese-stuffed dates, which I recreate here. Yum. The Magic Bullet does a great job of blending together whatever cheeses you have in the house. Here […]

Basil Onion Pop Overs

Hi Everybody! It’s me Chef Scott From St. Petersburg!   I needed a bun for a dinner party this week and these came in so handy… I just had to share these ridiculously light pop overs with you guys!   First, there are just a few ingredients. Second, the only dirty dishes were the Magic Bullet parts and my muffin tin. Third, I haven’t had anything like this in years and years…   They bake up tall, and fluffy on […]