Tropical Energizer Smoothie

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In an ideal world, I’m a morning exerciser. Of course, sometimes I need to rearrange my schedule to fit my busy day, but if I can fit my daily sweat in before noon, I’m a happy camper. This usually means that by the time I’m done teaching a spin class or running a few miles, my body is needing some fuel. Often times, I’ll turn to a smoothie as I know the nutrients will be easily absorbed and it won’t weigh me down like a midday meal does. My favorite combination isn’t pretty, but it sure does the trick…

Tropical Energizer Smoothie


  • Ice
  • Coconut water (the one from Pressed Juicery is the only one I’ll drink)
  • Frozen pineapple
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein/nutrient powder (Clean Program’s Nourish does the trick, or try NutriBullet’s SuperFood Protein Boost)
  • 2 handfuls of spinach


  1. Add the ingredients to taste — if you like your smoothie a bit slushier, take a heavy hand to the ice. If you like a smoother sip through the straw, ease up on the bulky ingredients and add more coconut water.

The powder and spinach provide the bulk of the nutrients (hello, iron and calcium!), the pineapple adds sweetness, fiber and the digestive enzyme bromelain, and the coconut water helps to restore electrolytes. Super hydrating, sweetly refreshing and the perfect post-work companion!

Katie Horwitch of The Chalkboard Mag

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